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Jammu and Kashmir Places to see DANCE OF LADAKH

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Jammu-Kashmir, Ladakh region

Popular Dances : Drugpa-Rches and Jabro Dance

Drugpa Rches :

This dance form is presented by the Dards, people who belongs from the Aryan origin. Dards are situated in the Gorkhan and Drass areas of the Ladakh region. These explorers are called as the Drugpas, which means Normads. These people are generally vegetarian and the costume which they make for their festivals has  the silver ornaments and also colorful blooming flowers. For this dance, they use very big drums which called as Surna and Damman, to create a rhythmic music.

Jabro Dance :

This dance is the nomadic communities dance form, which has their origin of Tibetan, they live in the Changtheng area's high hills, and it is located in Ladakh. Jabro dance is presented by the Ladakhi women and men in almost all their festival and other celebrative occasions. Jabro dance is a  part of the Ladakhi Losar celebrations, which they celebrate on the New Year of the Tibetan festival. In this dance, the very sweet and rhythmic song is sung with the company of musical instrument Damian; it is like a guitar, it has strings and also the flute.

Lamas Dances :

Ladakh's best dance forms are performed by the monks and the Lamas in religious monasteries. Lamas dances have very spiritual and angelic aura in the surroundings and it also include several practices of Tantrik. Lamas dances are presented with lots of attractive decoration and festive atmosphere, especially at Losar. Losar is their festival of the New Year. Through this Lamas dance, they portray the struggle between the evil and the god. To perform the dance, they use the masks, for characterization.

Shone Dance :

Earlier Shone dance had a royal security and it was only performed, during festive ocasions. There are many songs which are sung for this dance, it gives the richness to the performance. This dance is of the Mons and people perform this dance only in Ladakh's rural parts.

Yak Dance :

The Yak dance's theme is very interesting and unique, in this dance two people wear the skin of the animal Yak and they dance by using the elegant and nice movements. By wearing the Yak's skin they jump, sit, turn over and also run in one circle with the perfect synchronization. In this performance, the milkmaid lady comes, but the Yak ignored her, after that the milkman comes and he hit the Yak by lash. He takes him under control and takes the Yak away.

Bagstonrches :

The dance of Ladakhi marriage, called as Bagstonrches is done for many weeks, in the ceremonies of the marriage. In this dance, the bridegroom and bride participates as well. This marriage dance is presented on the tunes of the songs, which is accompanied with the tunes that are harmonious; created by the instruments like Damman and Surna instruments. All these instruments create sweetness in the dance performance and the wedding atmosphere.

Koshan Dance :

This dance form is very famous in Kashmir's Leh area. The uniqueness about this dance is,that it is presented during the horse riding and the person who is riding the horse is known as Landak. Dances of Ladakh are very majestic and colorful. The movements of the Koshan dance are very pleasant and slow, this dance is complimented as a rich jewel Peraks, it is a silver ornament and to make this dance rich, they also create rich music.

Tukhatanmo :

It is a seasonal dance form, which is performed in the Bakhamul and Zanskar area. This dance is also known as flower dance, and it is a bit famous in the valley of Nubra area. This dance performance are done,when the new blossom of the flower comes and it is dedicated to the deity, and this dance is done ans songs are sung.

Surahi Dance :

This dance is also called as Chang Rches. In Surahi dance, performer carry the Chang's pot, over their head and with that pot, they do the performance.

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