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Jammu and Kashmir Places to see BAHU FORT AND TEMPLE

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Location : 5 km away from Jammu city in Jammu Region of Jammu & Kashmir

Constructed originally by : Raja Bahulochan

Re-Constructed by : Dogra Rulers

Temple : Bave Wali Mata Temple

Bahu Fort and Temple is located just 5 kms away from Jammu city in Jammu region. It was constructed originally by Raja Bahulochan. Later on it was again constructed by Dogra Rulers. It is also now Bave Wali Mata Temple.

This is one of the oldest fort and an important monument for Jammu. It was constructed around 3,000 years ago. There are also many other places of attraction like Maha Maya Temple and City Forest.

Bave Wali Mata Temple :

This temple which is located inside the fort is dedicated to Goddess Kali and is known as Bave Wali Mata Temple. The goddess is the deity of the People of Jammu and people every Sunday and Tuesday come here to worship the goddess.

After visiting the fort you will get an experience of the war fought, the life of Royal families which lived there and the invasions prevented. Nowdays the fort has been a famous picnic place for the local people with the beautiful garden, big tress, flowers and waterfall

Maha Maya Temple :

This is one of the famous spot there. It is located behind the Bahu Fort and Temple on the by-pass road. The Maha Maya temple is an ancient temple with the city forest surrounded over it. There is a small garden which has many woods surrounding it that gives a pleasant view.

Reaching There :

The service of auto rickshaw and mini bus is available from all the spots of Jammu city as it is connected well with most of the places. There would be a nominal fair which will make you reach upto the fort.

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