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Jammu & Kashmir is occupied with the beauty of nature. There are so many other attractions that fascinate the visitors eye and becomes a memory forever. Located at the top and surrounded by the high knolls and cool breeze that make the place worth visiting. It is a magnificent place with the world’s highest mountain ranges that are blended with the beauty and the unique culture of the people surrounding here.

Baltoro Glacier :

It is situated in Jammu & Kashmir in Baltistan in the southern region of Karakoram ranges, in the centre of this peak. It stretches across 62 kilometers and is considered to be the second largest glacier amongst the other glacier that lies in the Himalayan region. Shigar River is one of the tributary of the Indus River originated from Baltoro Glacier.

Hispur Glacier :

It is situated in the Ladakh region of Jammu & Kashmir which are located on the southern slopes of Karakoram ranges. It stretches across 60 kilometers and is considered to be the third largest glacier amongst the other glacier that lies in the Himalayan region. This place has no vegetation and is totally barren.

Nubra Glacier :

Nubra Glaciers are located in the region of Ladakh in Jammu & Kashmir in the southern part of Karakoram ranges. Nubra River has its origin from the Nubra Glacier that flows across and joins the river Shyok. The entire region is covered with snow and hence, there is no vegetation found in this region.

Bafio Glacier :

Bafio Glacier is situated in Jammu & Kashmir in the region of Baltistan that lies in the southern region of Karakoram Mountain ranges. Bafio glacier stretches across the distance of 60 kilometers. It gives origin to the River Shigar which is considered to be the main tributary of the Indus River.

Siachen Glacier :

Saichen Galcier is situated in the extreme of north central region of Jammu & Kashmir near the border of Tibet and India. This glacier stretched across 72 kilometers in length. This is considered to be one of the largest glaciers found in the entire region of Jammu & Kashmir and outside of the Polar region. It is located at an altitude of around six thousand to seven thousand meters above the sea level.

Forests, Lakes and Mountains :

Kashmir has beautiful mighty mountains and lush green trees, blossoms of flowers in various colors like white, pink, yellows and other range of the beautiful flowers that are found rare on the earth. Twisting rivers, snow clad mountains and the dense forest lies across the region. All these varied things make the surrounding a heaven and no one can ever miss this beauty. Lakes like Dal Lake, Nagin Lake are very popular and have an outstanding beauty in its region. Shikara also well known as Gondala that is present across the lakes and the rivers of Jammu & Kashmir. Ladakh provides a huge scope for adventure where as the lakes and the rivers give an opportunity for the sports lovers to come and have great fun in this region. The sports like mountaineering, river rafting, trekking and many other sports including angling. The high hills llike Gulmarg which is situated at a distance of Baramula District of Jammu & Kashmir is at a distance of 56 kilometers from Srinagar. It is surrounded by the beautiful pines at the base of Pir Pinjal mountain range. The other major attractions includes Gulmarg Khilanmarg, Ningli Nallah, Alpather Lake, Shrine Of Baba Reshi / Ziarat Of Baba Reshi and Ferozpore Nallah.

Houseboats - Magnificent Floating Luxury :

Houseboats are considered to be the major attractions in Jammu & Kashmir. The most important reason for the development of Tourism of the state is the way they treat their uniqueness and preserve it for a longer time. Houseboats are the result of the great travel and tourism that is found in the region of Jammu & Kashmir. There are many pristine lakes in this region and the house boats add glory to the visitors here. It is totally adorable. This tradition of the house boats has been carried since long time. The houseboats were designed for the purpose of fishing and the other activities that are carried out here. But, later the people of Jammu & Kashmir understood the hidden potential here and maintained and increased the rates of houseboats and preserved it. The house boats are found in Nagin Lake, Jhelum and Dal Lake. It is the most precious moment when there is crystal clear water of lakes shining and these house boats were admired with the amazing beauty it has.

Tulimapatu La Pass :

The Tulimpati La Pass is situated in Jammu & Kashmir in Ladakh region. Tulimpati La Pass starts from the River Nubra and flows to the region of Karakoram Pass. During the ancient period, this pass was considered to be one of the largest trade routes during the period of Yarkand in Central Asia. Tulimpati La Pass passes through the Valley of Nubra that moves towards the eastern valley of the mountain wall. The route has its beautiful way that flows across the high Himalayans, deep gorges, moraines and glaciers, river valleys flowing across the steep mountain ranges that give the entire surrounding a majestic look.

Khardung la Pass :

It is located in the Ladakh region of Jammu & Kashmir at an elevation of around 5359 meter or even 17, 582 feet is a very huge mountain pass. Generally, it is pronounced at the Khardong La or the Khardzong La. This pass of the Ladakh region lies in the gateway of Nubra Valley or Shyok Valley. It was built in 1976 and was open for all vehicles in 1988 for major vehicles like motorbikes, automobiles and biking on mountain ranges.

Since there are many things on the land of Jammu & Kashmir, it is considered to be a paradise on the earth. The people of Kashmir have been preserving the beauty of it since many years and still Kashmir has maintained its position as one of the most beautiful places on the earth. The beauty of Jammu & Kashmir lives above the expectation of any person with its natural and amazing beauty.

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