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Jammu and Kashmir Places to see JAMMU KASHMIR RELIGION

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Religions : Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism

Kashmir is the place where trading and trails routes of Asia join, most of the religion get leafy on the people's belief who live in the state of Kashmir. There are two religions that were easily reached at Ladakh and Kashmir such as Hinduism and Buddhism, and they also spread themselves in entire Asia during the ninth and twelfth centuries .Hindu culture's major centre was Kashmir. When you go to Jammu and Kashmir, you will get to see some Hindu holy temple and sites which are still in Kashmir but in very less number.Buddhism religion came into Kashmir in the forth century's early period and at that time several Buddhist states were built by Ashoka. These Buddhist states were still standing till the Hiuan Tsang traveler; he was great traveler, till the seventh century. Hiuan Tsang traveler noted these states in his travel diary. There is saying that, the monk which is known as Nagarjuna, who was credited for statrting Buddhism into the Ladakh region stayed in the monastery which is built in Kashimir's capital Srinagar, close to Harwan, during the second century.

In the earlier period of fourteenth century, when Kashmir had an influence of Hinduism , during that time  Islam religion ejected Hinduism and they started entering slowly into Kashmir. Isam religion's Sufi teachers started to spread Islam during the twelfth century; they made a blend of thoughts of Hindus and Muslim thought to promote the Islam religion, because at that time Hindu religion had a major dominance on  Kashmir. They blended their thoughts through the form of Hindu's Bhakti movement and the Islam's Sufism. Sufi saints like Shah Hamdan and Shah Bulbul and several other saints captured Kashmir by Islam religion, before  any Muslim King dominated or ruled over Kashmir. That's why in the current population of Kashmir; ninety percent of population is Muslims  and among them most of them belong to the Sunni sect. Christian missionaries came into Kashmir valley during the British period and are making their influence till now..

If you search the presence of Christianity in Kashmir, you will get to see the tomb of the Prophets, in  Kashmir city's old part, you can see one in Srinagar and the other one which is known as the residence place of the Jesus Christ. The reappearance of the execution that ran away form the Palestine, which is related to the story of Kashmir. It was attached to Mother Mary and also the Saint Thomas.

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