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Jammu and Kashmir Places to see KASHMIR DRESS

At a Glance :

Location :

Women and Men dresses : Poots and Pheran

Accessories : Turbans of Mughal type, Belt of Pashmina and colored scarf

From a number of years the Kashmiri women and men wear the Kashmir dress of the same pattern. There are 2 gowns which are consisting in the Poots and Pheran, for the Hindu women, it falls till their feet and for Muslim women, it is worn till the knees. You can see one more difference between their clothes that is Muslim women like to wear wide and open sleeves cloth, whereas Hindu women like to wear narrow sleeves cloths which is turned on the bottom side. The Kashmiri garments are generally made of wool, cotton and also embroidered silk, and their cloths always has their neck closed and it also has jeweled button. Their people also wear the Pashmina belt which is worn on the waist. The Kashmiri men like to wear a Mughal turban which sometimes has a height of twenty meters, one turban completes the whole costume of their men.

Mostly the farmers of Kashmir wear skullcaps and also the Muslim men. Kashmiri women also wear  headdress which is called as a scarf, in very bright colors. Kashmiri women are well known for their beauty and their fair color; they have beauty like English rosiness. Their hair color is also different from the general color ; their hair color is golden red and brunette red; their eyes are mostly blue, black, green and grey. The Kashmiri women not only work in farms and boats , but they also do the craft work like embroidery, shawl making and also making other crafts.

The Hindu women,started wearing the saree after the thirties movement. But as per the culture of the Kashmir region, they have to wear taranga on their marriage day. The pheran which Hindu women wear gives a roman look to them and the pheran which Muslim women wear,has elegant embroidery design on the front side of the costumes. They also wear a head gear that looks very distinctive from the taranga. The head gear is in red color, they tie it round their forehead like a turban and they also use trinkets and silver pins to tie it tightly. The Muslim girls who are unmarried, wear the skullcaps which are decorated by the embroidery made by gold thread and ornament it by using trinkets, pendants and amulets. From a few years, there is very dynamic change happening in the dressing pattern of the Kashmiri women. They have started wearing churidars, saris, jeans and shalwar kameez, but none of these belongs to the fabric of old pheran.

The people who live on the hilly region of Kashmir are known as Gujjars. The women of Gujjar community wear the Kashmir dress which is similar with the dresses of women who live in the Turkish village. Their costume has a full skirt and shalwar but they like loose sleeves. They also wear a thick curtain over their face, which is long till their shoulders. The hair of the Gujjar woman, are knotted with more than one plaits, which they like to hang on the front side. Another caste Dogras, located in Kashmir state's mountain valley, on the southern side which is extended till the Punjab's plains. These people are the existence of the Aryans which normally wear the woolen of grey color and pyjamas which are loose in fitting. They also wear the Kamarband or waist belt. Dogras women wear a loose tunic, dupatta, chudidars and also a cap, which makes their personality charming.

The region of Jammu Kashmir which is known as a Ladakh; is also well known as a Lamas land and the Buddhists who live in this area like to call their religion Lamaism. Lamaism is very similar to the Mahayana that is a form of Buddhism. Men of Ladakhi region like to wear woolen gowns which are grey in color, gown made of skin of sheep and it is fitting at the waist, various colors of caps, fur earlap in black color. Ladakhi women usually wear very colorful clothes. They also wear a headgear which is known as Perak, and it is made in the cloth of red color or skin of goat, they hang up the headgear till the forehead. To decorate the head gear they use semi precious stones which are also used in the ornament like earrings and bangles. The traditional Ladakhi men dress is called as Goucha and women Ladakhi dress is known as The Bok and Kuntop. Mostly Ladakhi men wear very thick woolen cloth known as Goucha, it is knotted on the neck, it is also fitted on the waist portion, by using the very colorful piece of cloth or sash, which is called as Skerag. It is around 2 meter long and about twenty centimeter. Under this small Skerag, Ladakhi men carry their daily important things. Women of Ladakh region like to wear a robe which is known as Kuntop; they wear a shawl on the back side of the body which is very colorful. It is known as Bok , they use this shawl to carry their small babies or any important things. There is one more use of this, that because of this they get the warmness and they can protect their back from heavy weight of rocks and sticks.

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