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Jammu and Kashmir Places to see LADAKHI DRESS

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The Bok and Kuntop

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Accessories : Papu and Perak

After visiting Ladakh region, one most noticeable thing which you will observe is the attire of the Ladakhi People, that is the influence of the trans-Himalayan on Ladakhi attires. The Ladakh region's national dress is known as a goncha, which is very effective to protect them from the harsh and extreme cold weather of the region . The costume of Ladakhi men is very stylish; it has thick breasted calf with long length coat. Their cloths have long cut, and on the back side of the cloth it has thick fabric of two pleats which save their back from winter. On the right side shoulder, it is much fastened and there are loops and buttons made of brass, on the down right side. The stand up collar's edges are made with brocade of silver. The national dress of Ladakh gonchas, are also worn by the Ladakhi poor people, that is made by of woolen and the color of this cloth is dark maroon.

In Ladakh, the people wear some more stylish and new cloths on their formal celebration and occasion, like they wear goncha but in different shades of color, silver, velvet black , and on the collar, they use gleam of silver color. The gocha which, women wear is more beautiful and elegant as compared to the men's goncha. Women also wear a long skirt, which has many little pleats. Older Ladakhi women as per their old belief,  wear skin of goat around their shoulders. On the Ladakhi formal celebration or occasions, their attire won't get complete without a hat, which is known as perak, it is the Ladakhi`s head dress which is traditionally followed by them. To decorate the head, they also use the silver strings and chains. They also use various types of stones for more decoration. After observing, their head ladakhi dress, you may be confused why they give so much importance to the dressing of the head, because as per the tradition of Ladakh, head dressing is very fortunate for the Ladakhi women. Their women buy the head dresses and they attach more stones in that, and that head dress is carried forward from mother to her daughter and till many generations. Ladakhi head dresses are more of attractive element of ear flaps and cap. There is a difference between the head dress of women and men; the head dress of women is straight in shape and men's in a shape of casual angle.

The mountainous women of Ladakh have a very nice and impressive appearance. You will get to see the best gonchas, which is made by using the heavy Chinese silk, which is used for the cloths of women. These beautiful Ladakhi women decorate themselves by using heavy jewellery, amber and coral bedeck which they wear in their ears and necks and also pearls. More than men, women gives importance to style, they prefer different clothes for particular occasions like semi formal and formal celebration. Women also wear different costume called as chuba. This is a very elegant and graceful gown of Tibetan. Earlier times, it was not preferred by a number of Ladakhi women. Ladakhi women also use their traditional accessories. They make their hair style by using the long 2 pigtails; the Ladakhi women also follow the same way for their hair style. Ladakhi people like to decorate themselves, with different accessories and cloths. They live in such a harsh weather and plain landscape; still they have interest in making themselves more beautiful, that is something unique and appreciable of them. They have such a number of variety of elements which they try to use and increase their beauty. The men of Ladakhi region, wear a Perak or hat, they balance this hat very nicely. This accessory is their traditional, and it has a line of turquoise around 5, 3, 9 and 7. It is dependant on the number of the wearer. Ladakhi royal and rich families can wear the Perak of nine lines. As per the Ladakhi tradition, when the women die, the Perak or hat is carried forward to the family's eldest child. Ladakhi people call the shoes as a Papu; and it is made by using the hair of animal Yak, it has woven hair or wool, and these shoes are decorated by using the leather of Yak. Because the leather of Yak, gives their feet warmth ,which is very beneficial for them to protect themselves from tremendous climate. As per time change, Ladakhi costumes are also experiencing the change, which is suitable for changed world.

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