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Jammu and Kashmir Places to see AMARNATH

News to Use :

Location : Amarnath, Srinagar Kashmir Region.

Altitude : 4175 m

Best Time for Darshan :
July to August.

Amarnath is located 145 kms from Srinagar in Kashmir Region of Jammu & Kashmir. This is one of the highest temple located at an altitude of around 4,175 m that goes upto 13,700 ft. Amarnath yatra is famous amongst people from all religion and everyone comes  to visit and worship this Goddess and take  blessings. The best time to visit this temple or for yatra is from July to August.

The pilgrimage or yatra to the Amarnath cave is one of the holiest places which are natural and that is continued every year for more than hundred years. It is in form ice and is known as Linga of Ice. This comes in the cave which is shallow and around 130 ft high.

Amarnath Yatra - Ice Cone :

The formless form’ was the ice cone actually called before but it came for something else. The ice cone is said to be a Linga, a disclosure of the Lord Shiva’s phallus. This is said to be the holiest place for Hindus as around every year thousands of people from all over the world come to take blessings. The Ice Linga comes every year and it comes naturally.

In the month of July or August, which is the full moon of swan month, around more than ten thousand pilgrims(yatri) come to offer food, money, flowers, sweets and take the blessings form the Lord Shiva.

Story of the Cave :

There are many stories related to Shiv Linga in Amarnath. The people who are older say that many years ago there was a shepherd called as Buta Malik, who was a Muslim. One day he was given a big bag of coal by a saint (Sadhu). After reaching home when he looked into that sack it was gold. He was very happy so he went back to thank him but he couldn’t find him but he discovered the cave.

Tips for a Safe Journey :


  • For the yatra or Pilgrim you need to be physically fit as it involves lot of trekking and going through mountains at a height of around 1, 4000 ft.

  • Carry proper woolen clothes as the climate is freezing there.

  • The torch and a stick is necessary to carry.

  • There are good medical facilities available for the Yatris (Pilgrims) which are free of cost.

  • Alcohol is not allowed at all

  • Do not stop or get away from the group as the place is dangerous.

  • There are fixed prices for the hires so do not pay more or less amount.

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