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Jammu and Kashmir Places to see DISKIT AND HUNDUR

Key Facts :

Location : North Of Leh, In Nubra Valley, Ladakh Region, J&K

Main Attraction : Old Town, The Gompa, Lachung Temple

The state of Jammu and Kashmir encloses within its territory not just the splendor of nature in the form of placid lakes, mountains of shaly, verdant valley. The state also harbors some of the great craftsmanship of Buddhist monks and artists. Some of those monasteries are situated within the old towns of the state, which puts you before a door that opens to Indian history.

Typically a bus route of the state enters a grey expanse of sand and boulders beside the Karakoram Range and Ladakh Range. Thus a bus enters within the borders of Diskit town. The first impression of Diskit Town is not too impressive, giving a flat and dusty view. But as you squander through the town, the char of this place will slowly unfold to you. The villages of Diskit and Hundur are the address of some of the popular and intriguing monasteries and temples.

Gompa of Diskit :

The town of Diskit includes a picturesque Gompa. This Gompa was built in 1420 by Changzem Tserab Zangpo, who was a follower of Tsong-kha-pa. It is always recommended to visit this aesthetic place in a jeep. But in case you don’t have a vehicle, you have to walk beside the lengthy Mani wall. Mani wall continues till the other side of the road and finally you will reach the steep path that winds up above to reach this Gompa. The steep path to Gompa takes almost a walk of 30 minutes.

Legend :

The steps of Gompa will take you to the monk quarter and then it will reach a group of temples. There is an old legend about these temples. Folklore says that a Mongolian augur, which was a foe of Buddhism, was slain near the Gompa. But the lifeless body of the augur kept running towards the Gompa. This demon was then captured by a spooky deity inside the temple of Gon-Khang. This temple is believed to be the house of fires Gods and Goddess.

Launchang Temple :

This tiny temple is the oldest temple of the state. The statute of Tsong-Kha-pa is situated among the soot smeared murals. This is a famous tourist spot where visitor prefer to come by camels and horses.

Kangya - Lang and Tsangyu - Lang Temples :

These temples are the storehouse of hundreds of Tibetan and Mongolian texts. These texts are pressed between planks of wood and are swathed in yellow silk.

The Gon-Khang temple has a flat roof-top that offers an aerial view across Sumur in the east, boulders and sand dunes at the southern side of the valley and towards the Kobetg peak situated at the north of Hundur.

Hundur is a tiny village, which is 7 kms north of Diskit. This village is located just at the end of Diskit and it is famous for its native long-limbed Bactrian Camels. There are local transports such as bus available to reach this village easily. But to get a real feel of this village and to give a traditional hint to your trip, a camel ride from any local guest house will be a great idea.

Hundur village has some more monasteries but unfortunately they are either locked or in ruins.

The village of Distkit and Hundur may give the tourist an arid look. But the rich heritage of these villages is still preserved within the interesting tales and magnificent temple.

Accommodation :

There are ample simple accommodations available at the village of Diskit. Guesthouses are located mostly near the Mani wall. Guesthouses come with the entire required facilities like attached bath with geysers, fresh vegetables and picturesque lawn.

The serene place of Jammu and Kashmir is embedded with every interest a tourist has. So, don’t wait and plan for a trip to this state soon.

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