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Jammu and Kashmir Places to see JAMMU AND KASHMIR RIVERS AND LAKES

The outlandish beauty of Jammu and Kashmir is attributed to its paradisiacal nature, enchanting rivers and lakes, and also its breathtaking imageries. The state is a source of abundant water bodies that not only impart natural beauty to it but also have immense ecological significance. Among these water bodies, rivers and lakes in Jammu Kashmir are the most prominent and world famous for their picturesque beauty. The captivating beauty of these rivers and lakes has remained a center of attraction for both national as well as international tourists.

Some of the world-renowned rivers that pour its pristine beauty into this state are Indus, Jhelum and Chenab.The other rivers that instigates from glaciers of the Himalayan Ranges are Yamuna and Ganges. Indus River instigates at the famous Mansarovar Lake, Tibet.Jhelum River flows in the course of an extended stretch through the state of Jammu and eventually meets Indus. This river is quite popular amongst the tourist for its 9 old bridges. The Indus River initiates at the convergence of River Gar and River Sengge.This River draws a tortuous and lengthy course and bypasses through the beautiful region of Kashmir. If you are an adventure freak then this place is an apt locale for white water rafting. The banks of the river are bordered with deodar and pine vegetation .The Indus River flows through Zanskar Range and ladakh Range. Some of the main tributaries of this river are River Gumal, River Kabul and River Gilgit.

The merging of the 2 rivers namely River Bhaga and River Chandra of the Himalayas gives birth to the Chenab River. This river is also popularly called as the Chandrabhaga River and is also famous for its ancient significance.

Apart from their mesmerizing and astounding beauty, lakes in Jammu Kashmir have immense social and economic impact on the life of the local people. In fact, these lakes are a source of earning livelihood. A majority of the population of the state depends on these water bodies for their sustenance. Apart from tourism, people can earn money by engaging themselves in activities related to marine life. This, in turn, plays a pivotal role in generating national income.

Among the major lakes that from a part of the state, Dal Lake is the most famous and is visited by largest number of tourist world wide. It is the center of attraction for the tourist who gets allured by its splendid beauty. Situated amidst breathtaking backdrop, this lake is stretched over an area of about 18 square kilometers. This earns it a distinction of being the state's second largest lake. The spectacular Himalayan ranges that surround it make a visit to this place an ever-remembering experience. This picture-perfect destination is known for massive houseboats that are dotted throughout the lake. Encompassed by dashing gardens of the Mughal era, Dal Lake is rich in scenic views.

Located at a short distance form Dal Lake, Nagin Lake is one of those lakes in Jammu Kashmir that are known for the tranquil and peaceful atmosphere. In winters, its water freezes, so it is best to visit this lake in the months of summer. Here one can enjoy unique boating and shopping experiences. One can enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of the lake while purchasing items of handicrafts. The famous Pashmina shawls that are world famous can be purchased here. Lovers of water sports can spend unique time over beautiful shikaras. Laden with trees like poplar and willow, this place is worth admiration.

Wular Lake is Asia's largest lake of freshwater. Situated at a distance of forty kilometer from Srinagar, the lake is fed by the Jhelum River. Formed as a result of movement of tectonic plates of earth, the lake is a part of Ramsar site. The lake is inhabited by several species of fish including Rosy carp, mosquito fish and several varieties of snow trout. Local villagers earn their living through fish trade. In fact, it accounts for 60% of the total fish catch of the state. Presence of different varieties of bird species like kites, hawks, eagles, pheasants, cuckoo, swift, woodpeckers make it a perfect place for bird-watchers and ornithologists.

Mansar Lake is among those lakes in Jammu Kashmir that are known for the presence of holy sites on their banks. This lovely lake is framed by spectacular forest hills. A shrine of Sheshnag that represents a number of serpents is worth seeing. Hindu temples of Lord Shiva and Parvati are also present here. Pilgrims visit this holy site for the sake of religious beliefs and to take a sacred dip in its water. Flanked by many ancient temples, Mansar Lake is significant for pilgrims who come here to pay their homage and seek blessings of their reverted deities. A wildlife sanctuary is also present which is rich in flora and fauna. The place is a treat for nature lovers who can hope to find animals like spotted dear, neelgai and many more.

Surrounded by mountains of Baladar, Manasabal Lake is yet another jewel in the beauty of Jammu Kashmir. A part of Jhelum Valley, this lake is known for its crystal clear water. Surrounded by villages like Konadabal, Jarokbal and Ganderbal, this lake is the deepest one of all lakes in Jammu Kashmir.

The arena of Jammu and Kashmir is full of God gifted natural beauty and has bounty of pristine rivers and lakes.

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