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Jammu and Kashmir Places to see VERINAG WATERFALL

Located in Kothar District, Verinag Waterfall lies at a distance of about 78 kilometer from Srinagar. Build by the mighty Mughal Emperor Jehnagir in 1620, this waterfall is one of the most picturesque places of Jammu and Kashmir. One can access this waterfall by going through a bypass that comes out from the highway connecting Jammu to Srinagar.

The term "Verinag" stands for "bluish snake". According to mythology, "Nila Nag" was the son of the sage Kashyap. Originally built in circular form, Jehangir modified the shape of the kund to octagonal, a common Mughal architecture feature. Enclosing a periphery of eighty meter, Verinag Waterfall is surrounded by a wall made up of brick.

Attractions of the Place :

The breathtaking beauty of the backdrop with which this waterfall is blessed is enough to make one spell bound. The crystal clear water, showcasing the lovely reflections of the majestic pine trees that surround it, is worth watching. The captivating beauty and the pastoral charm that is associated with this waterfall are notable. The area is known for perfectly manicured lawns that are laden with countless flowers of different colors and fragrances.

If one is looking for a weekend getaway, Verinag waterfall is the perfect choice. This water body acts a source of water to River Jhelum. Sometimes called as the lifeline of this beautiful valley, the waterfall is a good place to spend one's vacation time.

Nearby Attractions :

Anantnag is the closest attraction that lies near Verinag. This place is known for the confluence of three major streams Brengi, Sandran, and Arapath. Another attraction of the place is a sacred shrine that is devoted to Lord Shiva; this shrine is located within the complex surrounding the waterfall and is visited by thousand of Hindu devotees who come here to have a holy dip in the waters of the spring. Every year, pilgrims visit the place on first day of the lunar calendar.

Situated in the vicinity of the waterfall is another destination that is known for the collection of a number of springs. The place is called Veruvurthur and the conglomerate of the springs is known as "sapta rishi". On the confluence of these springs, the pilgrims take a holy bath. A fair is also organized on the banks of Jhelum every year to commemorate its origin.

How to Reach?

As there are a number of roads that connect Verinag to Jammu and Kashmir, one can easily come here by buses. If coming by train, one can take trains for Jammu Railway Station from where it takes only an hour to reach Verinag. By air, one can arrive by Badgam airport that is nearest to the destination.

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