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Jammu and Kashmir Places to see DACHIGAM NATIONAL PARK

News to Use :

Location : Srinagar, just 22 kms away

Area Covered :
141 sq kms

Attraction : Kashmir Stag, Ibex, Markhor, Exotic Birds and Himalayan Black Bear

Best Time to Visit : May to August for Upper Dachigam

Dachigam National Park is located in Srinagar just 22 kms away in Kashmir Region of Jammu & Kashmir. The National park is spread over an area of around 141 sq kms. The attractions of this National Park is the Kashmir stag, Markhor, Himalayan Black Bear, exotic birds and Ibex. The Best time to visit this place is around May to August. The Maharaja of Kashmir used to hunt this place earlier. In 1951 it was announced as a National Park where conservation programme was strictly enforced. Earlier the population of the National Park was around 150 but now it has more than 400 animals in the Park.

Two Sectors in the Park :

The lower and upper are the two different sectors of the park and are spread over 141 sq km of area. The altitude ranges between 1, 700 and 4, 300 m. The rolling pastures of alpine, deep ravines, steep wooden slopes and rocky outcrops are the topographical variety of the Park. The River of Dachigam flows from the Masrar lake coming down and flowing through the lower Dachigam

Flora :

The Kashmir stag or Hangul is the habitat of the park which is endangered and is the only place where the red Deer is found in India. In the shelter of the lower valley they congregate during the winters and is the best time to see them. The Himalayan Black Bear, Ibex and Markhor are the species and the wild goat is the other habitants found in the park.

The leopard is rarely seen and is the only predator in the paradise. The snow Bear is also rarely seen but it is only found in the high altitudes. The other animals found here are Himalayan marmot and the musk dear which are rare. The lower Dachigam National Park is visited from Srinagar through a metalled road and the upper Dachigam can only be visited by walking.

Avifauna :

There are around 150 different species of birds found in the park which include pheasants like Crimson Tragopan, the blood pheasant, Monal pheasant and the Koklas Pheasant. The blue skies of the park have the golden eagle and Lammergeier circling around.

Accommodation :

There are many options for the accommodation. One can easily get a hotel or lodge in Srinagar which is one of the famous places in Jammu & Kashmir where people from all over the world come. The hotels with basic facilities and some hotels with good and luxurious facilities are also available. House boats are also a good option to stay for people where they can enjoy a lot.

If you wish to stay in the sanctuary then there is a rest house and two lodges.

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