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Jammu and Kashmir Places to see JASROTA WILDLIFE SANCTUARY

News to Use :

Location : 63 kms from Jammu

Area Covered : 10.04 sq kms

Attraction : Axis Deer or Cheetal

Best Time to Visit : September to March for Mammal Viewing

Jasrota WildLife Sanctuary is located in Jammu just 63 kms away. The area covered by the National park is around 10.04 sq kms. The main attraction or the National park is famous among people for the Axis deer or Cheetal. There are different kind of birds in the sanctuary which are worth watching. The area of the sanctuary is surrounded mainly by Bamboo plantation. The best time for mammal viewing is from the month of September to March.

Plantation :

The Bamboo plantation is surrounded all over the area but other species are also there such as Acacia Catechu Arabica, Lannea Grandis, Dalbergia Sissoo, etc are also seen here apart from the Bamboo plantations. The Shrubs that grow mainly here is Lantana Camara, Dodonea Visacosa and Carisa Spinarum.

Animals and Birds :

There are many rare mammals found here which include the Barking Deer, Cheetal, Rhesus Monkey and Wild Boar. The birds here include many resident and migratory birds in the sanctuary. The important species among them include the Red Jungle Fowl, Peafowl, Green Pigeon, Jungle Bush Quail and Green Rock Pigeon

Accommodation :

There are many options for accommodation. One can easily get a hotel or lodge in Jammu which is one of the famous places in Jammu & Kashmir where people from all over the world come. The hotels with basic facilities and some hotels with good and luxurious facilities are also available. House boats are also a good option to stay for people where they can enjoy a lot.

For more tourist information or Reservations one can contact the Wild Life Warden, Leh

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