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Surprising the whole world with its most laudable achievement, Green Revolution, Punjab has made a different position for itself in India. The state has undergone several pangs of political and social disturbances and the biggest among it is partition. Yet, the sparkling spirit of the state has not eroded by a single notch. The excessively tolerant people and their ebullient culture is the soul of Punjab. The tourism department of India finds immense scope in Punjab and the state is thus a significant tourist spot.

The mention of green revolution is sufficient to imagine the abundance of greenery in Punjab. The pastoral lands filled with golden plants of corn are a trademark scene of the state. Although the state was once widespread, it has now been estranged from some of its share which lies in Pakistan and Haryana. The frontiers now confine a strictly Sikh majority population and houses abundant Gurdwaras. The Golden Temple in Amritsar city has an appealing look and devotees belonging to different stripes come to visit this sacred place. Recitation of divine word never ceases in the gurdwara and the enchanting tune of divinity creates a holy ambience that refreshes every beholder. The Goindwal Sahib Gurdwara has 84 steps in its well which are regarded as sacred steps by Sikh devotees. Other Gurdwaras like Gurudwara Ber Sahib, Gurudwara Charan Kamal, Gurudwaras at Kiratpur Sahib are famous and visited by quite a large number of people.

The place is not just a religious center as several forts mark the entire state. Punjabi people are characterized by their gallant and vigor. The Sikh people are well-skilled in native martial art. The robustness of ancient people of Punjab is displayed by the imposing architecture of forts. Godindgarh fort in Amritsar occupies a special place in Indian history because of it sheer size. The fort is gigantic and could accommodate a cavalry of 1200 soldiers. The fort also has a storehouse that used to contain grain and food for the large army within it. Bathinda fort amazes the spectators with its shape. The schooner-like structure of the fort was built almost 1800 years ago. Faridkot fort is another old fort in Punjab and flaunts Eurpppean style of architecture.

When a state is renowned for its greenery across the globe, the natural bounty needs to be explored thoroughly. Punjab has some of the magnificent gardens like Bansar garden which displays a wide lawn of plantation as well as a 12-door building called Baradari. Aam Khas Bagh has a captivating look of plantations and flowers and it once offered its aesthetic value to Emperor Shah Jahan. Shalimar garden at Kaprthala and Ram Bagh at Amritsar are equally stunning gardens in Punjab.

The state is bestowed with patches of thick forests and wildlife reserves in it, invite adventure lovers with pleasure. Tiger safari at Ludhiana is visited often by tourists for its wealth of wild animals and birds including the national bird peacock.

The state of Punjab is a fantastic place with its lively culture, tourist spots and hospitable people all together making an attractive ambience.

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