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Punjab Places to see BATHINDA

Quick Bytes :

Location : Punjab

Languages : Punjabi, Hindi

Climate : Tropical

Major Attractions :
Qila Mubarak, Rose Garden, Damdama Sahib

Best Visiting Time : Winter Season

Forming a part of Malwa region, the city of Bathinda is named after Bhati kings. Also referred to as Lake City of India, it is famous for a number of historical monuments that are present here. Renowned in thermal power production, the city is home to many industries.

Down the Lane :

Founded by Jaypala, a Shahi king, the city faced several attacks from plunderer of northwest. While Muhammad Ghazni took control of a local fort here in 1004 AD, Muhammad Ghori besieged another fort. After being under the annexation of Delhi Sultanate for a short time, the city fell to Sidhu Brars. In eighteenth century, Ala Singh of Patiala conquered it. The place was visited by many religious figures like Guru Govind Singh.

Industries :

A number of industries have flourished in Bathinda its thermal power is worth mentioning here. There are two thermal plants that are responsible for producing a large chunk of electricity. These plants have been named after venerated figures, namely Guru Govind Singh and Guru Nanak Dev. There is a plethora of other industries that aid to the economy of the city. You can have a glimpse of Sugar Mills, Textile plants, petrochemical plants, and fruit belts. HMEL is a renowned oil refinery. Government has proposed the set up of a SEZ in order to transform the city into a fully developed commercial center and set an example for other states of Punjab to be followed.

Attractions :

Qila Mubarak :

This national monument is the main highlight of the city. Frequented by several Sikh gurus over a period of time, this fort has been standing majestically over the last 1900 years. As per historical evidence, the bricks used to build the structure belong to Kushana period. It was where Razia Sultan who was taken prisoner in the year 1240 AD.

Bahia Fort :

Transformed into a luxury hotel, this fort of twentieth century was constructed by Balwant Singh. The premises were earlier served as residence to King Bhupinder Singh's armed forces.

Rose Garden :

A nice place for picnicking, Rose Garden is located in proximity to thermal plant. Sprawled over an area of ten kilometers, the premises of the garden are rich in varied types of roses. The site attracts tourists in large numbers; especially at weekends, a large crowd gets pulled to the place.

Zoological Garden :

Another picturesque location that is an ideal picnic spot is Zoological garden. The garden rests within a forest and lets you explore different forms of wild life.

Lakhi Jungle :

Enroute Muktsar, you will find this tourist attraction; situated at 15 kilometers from Bathinda. Apart from enjoying the lovely sceneries and lush greenery, you can also visit an ancient fort located within the jungle premises. The specialty of the fort is that it was used for recital of holy texts by Guru Nanak Dev.

Damdama Sahib :

Located at Talwandi, Damdama Sahib is important from historical point of view. It was at this place that Sikh Guru Govind Singh sought shelter after facing fierce battles against the Mughal rulers. The word "Damdama" means a place for rest. The place is also associated with writing a revised version of the holy Sikh book, namely Guru Grantham Sahib. The place is sacred and is considered one among the five takhts that are present all over Punjab. Devotees still visit the place due to the religious touch associated with the place.

Maiser Khana :

This sacred shrine rests 29 kilometers from Bathinda. As per a legend, it is the place where Mata Jwala appeared in the form of a flame in front of her devotees. Two Fairs are organized here on an annual basis and are attended by a large number of devotees from all parts of India.

Chetak Park :

This beautiful park is located within Bathinda cantonment. The place is a favorite among children. You can boat here in a lake present in the premises.

Accommodation :

Top class hotels and resorts are available at Bathinda; a few nice ones are Taj Hotel, Hotel Bahia, Bahia Resorts, and Comfort Inn. Good services are provided at Hotel Sepal.

The industrial city has different tourist destinations that can make your stay here a pleasant experience.

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