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Punjab Places to see JALANDHAR

Quick Bytes :

Location : Punjab

Languages : Punjabi, Hindi

Area : 3401 square kilometers

Climate : Hot and Dry

Major Attractions : Devi Talab, Chhevin Padshahi

Best Visiting Time :
Winter Season

Known for production of sports goods, rubber, steel & iron mils, automobiles, and handloom items,the city of Jalandhar is located 144 kilometers away from Chandigarh. Renowned for the publication of the largest number of vernacular magazines and newspapers, it is one of the major industrial powers of Punjab. The ideal location of the place near the fertile plains of Satluj and Beas rivers has blessed it with a well established agricultural market.

Down the Lane :

In the ancient period, the city covered the whole Upper Doab region that comprised the fertile area between Satluj and Ravi. As archeological evidences have brought to light, Jalandhar was part of the Indus Valley Civilization. This is the evidence of the antiquity of the place. Rare artifacts have been unearthed from here and help us know it better. As per the description of Fa Hein, the city had a number of viharas and Buddhist mathas.

The medieval period saw the place being ruled by a number of foreign invaders. Between the period of eighth and tenth centuries, "Nath" movement flourished here. In eighteenth century, Ghamand Chand became Nizam under the authority of Durrani rulers. In 1757, Sikhs established their supremacy over the region. After they were defeated by British, Jalandhar became headquarters of the colonial empire.

Literature and Other Arts :

This sports city of Punjab is a land of artists, ports and laureates. Also referred to as "media center", the city is a leader in production of sports items which are exported to all over India. There is no dearth of educational institutes that are scattered all over. Its village named Sansarpur is distinguished for its renowned team of Hockey. The agitation involved in struggle for independence resulted in creation of some of the finest works of literature. In fact, writes from many parts of India arrived here and settled here. Though a lot was written before independence, the golden period of Punjabi literature began only after 1947. The period saw some of the brilliant of Urdu Poets like Mela Ram, Hafiz Jalandhar, Raghuli Bir Dass, etc. The other prominent names that arouse in our mind are Kartar Singh, Avtar Singh, Sohan Singh, Surjit Singh, and Santokh Singh.

A few prestigious names that contributed to the development of art and entertainment are also associated with Jalandhar. The unforgettable songs of legendary singer K.L.Sehgal are worth cherishing. Malkit Singh, the talented singer of today is known for spread of Punjabi folk music to all over India.

Attractions :

Devi Talab Mandir :

Forming the center of the city, this temple is a nice place to be visited. The structure of the Temples have been renovated recently. A structure resembling Amaranth has been erected here. You can also visit another temple present beside Devi Talab; it is dedicated to goddess Kali.

Tulsi Mandir :

Another monument worth visiting is Tulsi Mandir. Devoted to the deity Vrinda, the temple is situated within the Kishan Chand Kot. A scared tank has been placed near the premises of the shrine. It is believed that demon Jalandhara used to take bath here. An added attraction is Gupha temple where idol pf Annapurna is installed. A few Shiva shrines are also present within the vicinity.

Chhevin Padshahi :

This Gurudwara is blessed with the visit of Guru Hargovind Singh. Guruji gave interview to a blindfolded Muslim saint named Shaikh Darvesh. Here, the two had discourse over spiritual issues.

Bhagat Singh Museum :

Situated within Khatkar Kalan, a village where the revolutionary patriot Bhagat Singh was born. The museum is a tribute to all the martyrs who sacrificed their lives and comfort to absolve motherland from the bondages of slavery. You can see blood soaked ashes of Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, and Rajguru preserved with in the premises of the museum.

Kartarpur Gurudwara :

Lying at about 16 kilometers from Jalandhar, this Gurudwara by Arjun Dev was established in 1656. An annular fair that is organized in Guru's birth anniversary, pulls a huge crowd of devotees. You can also visit Virjanand Smark, a memorial for Swami Virjanand, the propagator of Vedic values.

St. Mary's Church :

Built to commemorate St. Patrick, this Church was a awarded the status of Apostolic Prefecture in 1955. It is famous for propagating secularism.

Science City :

Named after Pushpa Gujral, Science City is meant for understanding science while deriving fun and entertainment from it. Specially aimed at younger generation, it helps in utilizing the creative abilities of the youngsters. There are several objectives towards the accomplishment of which Science City is dedicated; these include creating awareness and presenting before the community various aspects of science and technology.

Other tourist places in Jalandhar that are worth mentioning are protected tombs of Muhammedan, Sanyas Ashram, Baba Khandianala, dargah of Shah Qutub and Lakki Shah.

Festivities :

Apart from regular Punjabi festivals that are part of state's culture, several other festivities are also organized and are unique to Jalandhar. Let’s have a look at some of these:

Hariballabh Sangeet Mela :

This festive occasion is celebrated in memory of the saint Hariballabh. Devi Talab is the venue and is organized in the last week of December. Renowned musicians as well as singers take part in this special event. The saint himself was an exponent of classical music and a musician of finest quality.

Baba Sodal Fair :

Held annually to memorize the child God, Sodal, the fair is organized on his death anniversary. A number of women flock to his Samadhi to offer their respect to him. A portrait of the child is also placed near his Samadhi (tomb) and is embellished with garlands. A tank nearby is also considered sacred; some devotees bath have a holy dip in its water.

Industries :

Being a major commercial center, Jalandhar is has a handful if industries that it boasts of. It is responsible for manufacturing 90 % of the sport goods of the state. Despite facing technology and resource deficiency, the city has managed to be a leading manufacturer of cricket bats, leather goods, rackets of tennis and badminton, hockey sticks, and cricket bats. The other industries that have successfully thrived here include hand tools, automotives, rubber, surgical instruments, and many more.

Accommodation :

Both budget and high-end hotels are present in city; multi-starred accommodations can be booked depending upon your choice. A few names that you may look forward to are Kamal palace, Maharaja Residency, Hotel President, Hotel Radisson, Grand Lily Resort, and Regent Park.

Cities Nearby :

Nakodkar (32 kilometers), Nurmahal (33 kilometers), Phillaur (43 kilometers), Kartarpur (16 kilometers).

Shopping :

The popular items that are worth buying are sports goods, handicrafts, textiles, jewelry, leather gods, blankets, and furniture. A few shops that are popular outlets for selling handicraft items are Jaina Crafts, Oriental Crafts, Taj Handicrafts, Janta Textiles, Pacca Bagh, and Loveleen Handicrafts.

A trip to this city will get you to know more about its specialties and Culture.

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