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Punjab Places to see PHILLAUR FORT

Phillaur is located on the boundary of Jalandhar and Ludhiana. Initially it was the junction of Ferozepur and Lohian. During the pre partition days, Phillaur was known for its significance in the timber market in Punjab. The village is located on the banks of Satluj River, which is well known as it is considered as the apt Sindhu system. The timber was cut down from the Shivalik region that was thrown in the Satluj River and thus Phiallur collected as their main transportation. The town is located on the main highway of Grant Trunk Road. This road allows entering in the Phiallaur. Still the railways bridge is in function that is connected to reach Ludhiana.

Phillaur is embarked for its ancient fort located on the reservoir of the river Satluj 14 km away from Ludhiana, Punjab. The Phiallur fort was built back in the 17th century and in 18th century it was redesigned by touching the hands of mud. Later in 1809 - 1912, the Phiallur fort was owned and got more popular as the Military Fort of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Dewan Mohkam Chand, who was the governor general of Ranjit Singh intelligently, redesigned the fort by crafting it beautifully inside and outside. It was very fascinating to watch the fort and thus earned major attraction from tourists all over India.

The Phillaur fort has a mammoth entrance gate that catches the attraction of the tourists. The tourist can view the fort through waterways or by winding paths, adjoining the outer boundary. Stepping inside the Phiallur fort, one can see the illustrious shrine of the “Pir-i-Dastgir”, also popular as the tombs of Muslim saints and Abdul Kadir Galani. This tomb belongs to the Shah Shuja’s family and thus is a major attraction for the Muslim people from all over the world.

Later the government of British converted the Phiallur Fort as the college for Police training. As India got independence, this fort was turned as the Police Academy in Ludhiana, Punjab. The Fort in the successive years, itself became a significant Artillery Arsenal in the year 1883. This fort allows a restricted guarding in order to save it from invasion by the enemies. At present, the Phillaur fort resembles glorious and bravery material History from the warriors of Sikh.

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Phillaur Fort is located in Ludhiana, Amristar, in the state of Punjab. As the state is the main heart for various historical eras and is popular, one gets plenty of options for staying. There are star rated hotels, private guest rooms and other budget oriented facilities in or nearby radius of Punjab.

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