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Fast Facts :

Punjabis are known for their explicit side of eating and are known to be one of the largest producers as well as consumers of great and quality food. Punjab bags the reward for introducing the Dhabha Culture to the world. It is always seen that the Dhabha Culture moves with each and every Punjabi where ever he or she goes.Vaishno Dhabhas are the prime types of dhbahas where only vegetarian food is prepared in white butter or ghee.Dal Makhani, the world renowned lentil dal of Dhabha is served in all the functions.

Parathas, binged with different types of vegetables, deep fried on a pan and is served with curd and butter, floating on the top of the delicious, scrumptious hot paratha.The mouth tangling paneer, makai ki roti and sarsoon da saag are some of the exported food.

The saffron buttermilk also called as Lassi is a delightful drink prepared by boiling milk and adding dry dates, almonds and pistachio. The popular Kulfi of Punjab is worth eating in summers. As Punjab bears extreme winter, a sweet dish called as Panjiri is made which includes wheat flour shallow fried in ghee and sugar, intemperately laced with different dry fruits.

The bazaars of Punjab are always heavily loaded with seasonal fruits, other foodstuffs and sweetmeats. There are uncountable and irresistible delicacies of this place that needs a handbook to delineate all the tempting savories of this state. Some of the old towns of this state like Ludhiana, Amritsar, Patiala and Jalandhar industries exotic sherbets.Tandoori shallow fried fish,tandoori chicken, butter chicken,kababs,Shahjahani pulao of Patiala are some of the best dishes cherished all over the world.

As we, all know that Punjabis are known for their heart rendering hospitality; the Britishers got astonished by facing this fact that each and every village had a special Takia or Dera where humble hospitality was extended to every itinerant. This tradition is stilled followed in Punjab. There are sectarian institutions located all over the state like Sikh Gurudwaras where free lodging and boarding is available throughout day and night.

Punjabi Cuisine is popular in vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian factions. There is a huge misunderstanding with some of the westerners that Punjabi Cuisine is fully curry based. The spices are very different from other cuisines as they differ from a minimal level to a ubiquitous level. The cuisines of punjab are very different and people all over the world get attracted towards the mesmerizing aromas of Punjabi cuisines. The restaurant or the Dhabha style and the home cooked food differ consequently as restaurant uses spices to a frivolous extent and usage of butter or the desi ghee is necessary and to a great extent, now about the home cooked food, it is more concentrated and wheat masalas are used more in the food. Wheat being the staple food of Punjabis, you will find multiple cuisines prepared from wheat. There is a popular Punjabi sweet dish prepared from cooking rice for a long time in the juice of sugar cane and you can enjoy the delicious rice kheer with lots of extra cream over it.

There are a lot of diversities seen within the towns of Punjab as people of Amritsar prefers milk products and stuffed parathas.Certain dishes like Saron da Saag or the Sarson ka Saag and Mah di  dal are exclusive to this state. The Punjabi food is local based where most of the population burns out the calories while working in the green fields.   The major ingredient in a Punjabi dish includes ginger, onion and garlic.Tandoori Food is the hallmark for all the non-vegetarian lovers.

Trademark of Punjabi Cuisine :

  • Dal Maharani

  • Lobiya also known as Black eyed bean

  • Saron also called as sarson da saag and makki di roti

  • Dal amritsari

  • Punj ratani dal

  • Rajma (red kidney beans)

  • Choley (is best served with naan or bhatoora)

These Dals are generally prepared by soaking them overnight and then simmering on a tandoor along with garlic, garam masala and ginger. These ingredients are sautéed with masala base of dried mango or tomato or seeds of pomegranate.

Dollops of butter and cream render the royal final addition. Garnishing is done with thin strips of ginger and coriander leaves.

Other popular Punjabi cuisine includes :

  • Tandoori Chicken

  • Pakoras

  • Gulab Jamun

  • Shahi Paneer

  • Tandoori Fish

  • Jalebee

  • Paneer Pakora

  • Samosas

Bread Preparations :

The specialty of Punjabi bread is that they are generally flat and only few are raised and prepared from different types of flour and includes:

  • Laccha Prathas, kulcha, phulka, tandoori roti (Baked breads)

  • Jowar ki roti, makke ki roti,

  • Different Parathas are shallow fried

  • Puris, Bhatoora are deep Fried.

The journey of delicious Punjabi does not end here and will never end as the range of these tasty cuisines is never ending. Visit this place or taste the exclusive Punjabi food to understand these words.

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