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Fast Facts :

Situated :
The state of Punjab, India.

Known For : its exquisite culture and rich traditions.

The biggest city in Punjab is Amritsar and the Temple located in this city is world famous. This temple is also called by the name Har Mandir Sahib. This is one of the sacred places of pilgrimage for all the Sikhs in the world. The Golden Temple of Amritsar acts as the flash point for political and religious divergence. Contrast to other cities of India, the city of Amritsar is just four hundred years old and was founded by the fourth Guru of the Sikhs Guru Ram Das. The fifth Guru of the Sikhs and his son constructed a place of worship in the middle of a pond, blessed its waters, and also mounted the holy scripture of the Sikhs, (Guru Granth Sahib), inside its chamber. The city of Amritsar carried its forename from a sanctified pond called as nectar or amrit and pool called as sar.

In the year 1803, the emperor of the Sikhs Raja Ranjit Singh (1780 to1839) reconstructed the place of worship in gold and marble. The domes of the shrine were built in pure gold approximately of (400kg). From the time of this exquisite era, it is called as Golden Temple. Sikh community generally refer to this temple as (Temple of Almighty) Harimandir or courtyard of God also known as Darbar Sahib.

You can spend your time inside the complex of this Sikh Place of worship listening to the holy hymns that continues to be played from early in the dawn till late night. You can also look around at people from various religious sects who come inside to pay homage to the sacred shrine.

The complex of the holy place of worship has many shrines that are of historical significance remarkably the Akal Takht also called as `seat of the eternal Almighty` overlooking the sacred shrine where weapons of the fighter gurus, their emblems and dresses can be found and the 8-storeyed tower of Baba-Atal.

You can also visit some of the other exquisite Sikh places of worship in the state of Punjab that are both beautiful and historic. On the hills of the mighty Himalaya, a small place named as Anandpur.In the year 1699 the final Gurus of the Sikh community Govind Singh, christened the 5 Sikhs to the combative organization which was known as pure or Khalsa.Therefore you will find several number of fortress and temples. Every year the Sikh Community assembles at the fort of Kesgarh in a particular day to display their art of warrior on the Horseback.

There is a place called as Dera Baba Nanak where the renowned learned person Guru Nanak had spent his last twelve years. Annually in the month of January a very renowned Fair or Mela is conducted in this place. This place can be easily reached from Gurdaspur, which is located at a distance of Thirty-Five kms.

You can also visit the Gurudwara Ber Sahib that is located at Sultanpur Lodi. This shrine is also considered as one of the significant place as it is believed that this is the same place the holy guru Nanak acquired enlightement. Guru Nanak had also constructed Sukhmani Sahib during his bath in Kali River. This place is visited by hoards of tourists and is quite easily accessible from Amritsar and Jalandhar.

Another holy place of worship is the Khadur Sahib, which is located at a distance of mere fifty-two kms from the capital of Amritsar.This place, is related to the second Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Angad Dev.

The holy shrine of Baba Bakala is considered to be significant because it is the same place where the Sikh Guru, Guru Teg Bahadur had disclosed his orginal identity to one of the Sikh Follower makkan Shah Lubana.In order to pay homage to the Sikh Guru a very big Mela or Fair is organized at the same place.

Close to the district of Tarn Trans positions the sacred shrine of Goindwal sahib. You will find a well that is placed here; it plays a very significant role and thus is visited by all the sikh followers. This gurudwara is related to Guru Amar Das who was the third Guru of the Sikh Community.

There are many gurudwaras situated in the Ropar Districts.The following are some of the significant Sikh place of worships that has been there for the last eighty years.

  • Manji Sahib

  • Sis GanjSahib

  • Sri Takhat Sahib

  • Thara Sahib

  • Harmandir Sahib

  • Damadama Sahib

  • Charan Kamal

  • The Gurudewaras of Kirtapur

  • Babaan Garh

  • Shish Mahal Sahib

Different Sikh Places of Worships are speckled all through Punjab :

Moreover other than all these, you will also find sacred places that belongs to Hinduism, One of the well known Hindu place of worship is the Ram Tirth that is located in the capital city of Amritsar.This olden times shrine talks about the age of Ramayana. This place is believed to be the same place where Ma Sita had given birth to Lord Ram’s sons Luv and kush.Thus this place is believed to be a significant site that is hoarded by pilgrims throughout the year.

Lakshmi Narain Temple or the Durgiana Mandir located in the capital city of Amritsar, is believed to be the Hindu version of the great Golden Temple of Amritsar.This place of worship was constructed newly to compliment the Hindu community.

The Bhagwathi Shrine of Bhatinda takes you to the seventeenth century.The architecture and the carving of this place of worship is just breath takingly beautiful. You should visit this place of worship during the holy fair.

Do visit Jalandhar’s popular Shiv Mandir that belongs to the mighty Lodhi Empire. You should visit this place for its exquite architecture and is one of the major significance of this temple is that the entrance depicts a mosque

The travelers can also visit following places of worships :

  • Kali Devi Temple, Patiala

  • Panch Mandir, Kapurthala Town

  • Sodal Mandir, Jalandhar City

Some of the other spiritual areas are Pir Baba Haji and Mazaar of Bhatinda.These mosques are visited by people from different communities other than the Muslims. Trust me as soon as you enter the premises of these mosques, a new and soft context of thoughts and peace runs in your mind. This shrine was also visited by Guru Gobind Singh and Guru nanak.

Some of the other exquisite places that are worth to be visited constitutes of Rauza Sharif, Sirhind.This place is very easily accessible from the cities of Chandigarh and Patiala.You will see a Mausoleum that was constructed by Mujadid-alf-Saani Sheikh Ahmed Farooqi.

It is accessible from both Patiala and Chandigarh. It is a mausoleum that belongs to Qadian Township and was discovered by Sheikh Ahmed Qadiani at the starting of the nineteenth century. This sacred shrine is located by the trail of (Amritsar to gurdaspur road)Qadian, Ahmediya mosque of the Muslims and pillar are all worth to be seen.

Additional Muslim sacred places in the state of Punjab comprises of Kapurthala city’s Moorish Mosque,Jalandhar city’s Jama Masjid and Imam Nasir Mausoleum and Faridkot Cit’s Chilla Baba Seikh Farid.

You will find several pilgrimage sites in the corners of the state and each and every holy place of worships carry a significant story behind it. Spaced out from the main sacred foundations, such as, mosques,gurudwaras and temples there are additional elements as well. Eg in the district of Ferozpur the explorers will come transversely to the Jain Temple of Swetambara. The statue of (Jain Tirthankar) is an elegant traditional piece. The extra brass statues found here are approximately One thousand and Two Hundred Years old. You will find Buddhist caverns in Gurudaspur and Doong.These places are still untouched by the tourists But if you like adventure this place is just apt for you with natures trail guiding you.

Bhaini Sahib which is located at Ludiana is significant to the sect of Kuka. Radha Soami Dera Baba Jaimal Singh, close to the capital city of Amritsar and Jalandhar’s Catholic Cathedral, are also element of the sanctified visits in the state of Punjab.

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