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Punjab Places to see GOLDEN TEMPLE

At a glimpse :

Place :
Amritsar, Punjab, northern part of India.

Best season to Visit : All over the Year.

Well-known as : Sacred place of Sikhs.

Language spoken : Punjabi, Hindi, and English.

Best season to visit :
During the months of winter (from October to January).

Facts :

Located in the northern part of India, Amritsar is the most popular city situated in Punjab . It is a pristine land of over five rivers exactly known as the pond of ambrosia and is ornamented with the gemstone of abundant green fields and amazing golden view of Punjab. The enchanting city is known as a home of various sacred places and holy shrines of Sikhs that are preserved here. Among all of them the most beautiful and remarkable is the ‘Golden Temple’ of Amritsar. This holy shrine was constructed in the year 1579 by Guru Ramdas; he was the fourth guru amongst the other Sikh Gurus.

The ‘Golden Temple’ or simply known as the ‘Darbar Sahib’ is a symbol of the magnificence and supremacy of Sikh people all over the world. This sacred temple of Punjabis is the best paradigm of strength of the acceptance and tolerance that is offered in Sikh philosophy. Originally, the founder of this sacred structure who erected the lower level was Guru Arjan Sahib. He also built four huge doors to exit and enter from all four sides, unlike in other Hindu Temples it has only one vast gate for exit and entrance. The Golden Temple of Punjab welcomes each and every person that belongs to different religion. The devotees who hail here are welcomed without any prejudice of religion, sex, creed, and caste. Thus, this holy shrine is produced as a sign of new religious belief.

The Golden Temple stands erect exactly at the middle of the large tank known as ‘Amrit Sarovar.’ This sacred place is the most alluring and beautiful feature of Amritsar city. The name of Amritsar city in Punjab is placed around the beautiful Golden temple, and the name is derived from the famous lake Amrit Sarovar. Initially, the temple was named after the great Sri Harmandir Sahib, where huge complex walls are built at the surrounding. There are fortified walls bounded at the temple and is structured with eighteen huge gates, where the main one at the north part is placed below the Victorian clock tower. This tower is called as the ‘Darshani Deori’ which attracts around thousands of tourist every year. At the entrance of the temple, there are some flight of stairs and again downwards to the holy shrine and sacred tank.

The aspect of Amritsar city is the Golden Temple which is constructed on a big stage of around 67 feet exactly in the middle of the tank, which measures around 40.5 feet of this colossal structure. Since, there are four main huge doors that lead to this glorious temple which opens in all four directions East, West, North and South. The massive entrance or the Darshani Deori is structured in amazing architectural shape like an arches gateway that is erected at the cease of the boardwalk. The arch is beautifully embellished with splendid artistic style which measures around 10 feet in height, while 8 feet in breath. This magnificent arch of the golden temple beholds the eyes of the visitors.

The main construction of this excellent temple measures around 202 feet in span and over 21 feet in breadth, it is one of the multi storied structure which makes a landmark of Amritsar city. On the first floor of the 'Har ki Paure', it comprises of various holy books that belong to Sikh religion, mainly of the ‘Guru Granth Sahib.’ It is the most famous pilgrimage center in Punjab , where pilgrims belonging from different states and religion hail here. While exploring in this place, you can see devotees sit in the ‘Har Ki Paure’ whole day where they continuously read books. The structure of this holy shrine is adorned within order arches and added some marvelous designs.

The Golden Temple of Punjab is the most unique characteristic between the Hindu and Muslims architecture. It is also considered as the first-class architectural grandeur of the world. This sacred temple has often cited that the architecture has also produced an independent ‘Sikh school of architecture’ which is registered in the history of arts in India.

Apart from the Golden Temple, there are some other holy shrines that are situated close from this place, they are Guru Ka Langar, Baba Atal, Akal Takhat. All these sacred temples are the centers that provide information of Sikhs regarding the tradition and Culture.

The beautiful Golden Temple is placed on a huge rectangular platform that lies in the middle of the lake Amrit Sarovar. This temple is bounded with extensive massive white marbled walls. To see this amazing beauty of the holy shrine the devotees and tourist hail from far away places to get a glimpse of this alluring site. There are some of the facilities available where you can travel around the Golden Temple to have a glance of this place by plane or ship. In this place, there are various narrow roads that are raised on water that directly links to the Darbar Sahib or,as recognized as the Harmandir. The main entrance to this place of worship is passed through an elaborate archway with complex decorate work, enrolled with poetry from the Granth Sahib.

The structure of the temple is around three storeys lofty and is also beautifully crowned with a massive dome shaped similarly like the inverted lotus. This holy shrine is one of the most remarkable tourist sites to be visited while exploring in Punjab. In the lower storey the temple is adorned with white marble, while the upper two storeys are embellished with gold plating. It is the jewel of Amritsar city which is worth to watch when visited here. The temple has four major entrances that are constructed here instead of common single entry and exit way to the Hindu temples. It is the main symbol of Sikhism, which in fact is open from all the followers and religious beliefs devotees that are welcome here. The walls that are built within the temple are ornamented with beautiful carved wooden panels and also elaborate decorate work in both gold and silver.

Best season to visit :


If you are planning to see the Golden Temple in your next vacation, make sure you take a trip in an ideal time. The best season to visit this holy shrine is during the winter season, from the month of October to March. The climatic condition during this period is pleasant and is also freezing cold here. The hazy clouds in early morning of winter offer a scenic beauty of temple where the lake and the shrine is not properly visible. Therefore, the winter months are ideal and suited time for sightseeing Amritsar city of Punjab. During the summer season, the climate here is very hot and it can also spoil your trip to this temple. Therefore, visitors are advised not to trip the Golden Temple during the blisteringly hot summers. Tourist can visit any time in a day, but the most suited time is in early morning or in late night where the atmosphere here is tranquil and extremely peaceful. The most spectacular sight you can see is in the night where the Golden Temple is adorned with lightings and diyas (oil lamps) that are offered to the Hindu deities. The Golden Temple remains open for the whole day throughout the year, and visitors can visit this place of worship from 4.00 AM to 10.00 P.M in summer months and during the winter it is open from 5.00 AM to 9.00 PM. There are no fees charged to enter the temple.

Other main significance :

Jubi tree is the most important attractions that are located in Amritsar city of Punjab state. According to the legend tales, it is considered that this tree which lies in the northern western part of the composite was planted around 450 years ago. This tree was planted initially by the first head priest temple. It is one of the oldest trees in the world which is twisted and is believed to contain some of the special powers. Women who cannot conceive a baby are asked to tie a strip of their cloth on one of the branches of the Jubi tree. When she ties it, it is considered that she will be blessed with a small baby. Another most sacred things surrouding the Golden Temple is the Amrit Sarovar lake, where Amrit is known as pure. It is said that the ailments that are contained in the water cures various skin diseases and illness. According to the mythological story, in earlier period of times a person who was suffering from leprosy took a dip in this holy water and cured his syndrome.

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