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Mazaar Pir Baba Haji Rattan, (Bathinda), Punjab :


Mazaar Pir Baba Haji is located in between the market of Grain and the Civil Hospital that attracts many disciples from all religions. (Baba Hajji Rattan) had attented Mecca representing Raja Bhoj. After coming back to India, Baba Hajji Rattan settled down in the region of (Bathinda). The mausoleum (mazaar) has the place where pir use to sit and ponder. The area is believed to be visited by 1st and tenth Prophets of Sikkhim, (Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Guru Gobind Singh Ji).


Rauza Sharif, (Sirhind) :


Rauza Sharif can be accessed from both the region of Patiala and Chandigarh by train and even by road ways. The spacious and magnificent Rauza is a very famous mausoleum which has the burial of Mujadid-alf-Saani Sheikh Ahmed Farooqi, Kabuli, Sirhindi who resided at the time of Jahangir and Akbar from the period from (1563 - 1634). The ancient temple is close to cenotaphs. Amongst the king from Afghanistan, shows that Rauza was measured among the most holy and sacred place specially the tomb of Shah Zaman. There are some Muslim sects who are responsible for placing it next to Mecca. A massive Urs is celebrated every year in the month of August.


Qadin :


It is located close to Batala on the Amritsar-Gurudaspur road. It takes around an hour via roadways from Amritsar. Qadin is also approachable by railways. Qadin is the house for Ahmediya sect belonging to Muslims which was established in the later part of nineteenth Century by (Sheikh Ahmed Qadiani). The elevated (Minar-i-Qadian), the tomb and the Ahmediya place of worship of the creator symbolize the essence of the community. Public from Ahemdiya sect which are flourishing from all accross the globe assembles at this place in the end of (December).


(Moorish Mosque), Kapurthala :


The Moorish Mosque is located close to the rail station. This was constructed during the period of the last King of Kapurthala named Jagatjit Singh. The king had a employee who was a French Architecture Manteaux who was responsible for the beautiful design created in the mosque located at Marrakesh, Morocco. He dome which is present inside the mosque is beautifully decorated and the works was done via artists from the (Mayo School Of Arts) located in Lahore.


Jama Masjid and Imam Nasir Mausoleum, Jalandhar :


The marvelously planned tomb of Jama Masjid and Imam Nasir are together situated in the centre of Jalandhar city. As suggested by archaeologists it is prior to eight hundred years old,Jama Masjid is four hundred years old.


(Chilla Baba Seikh Farid), Faridkot :


Chilla Baba Seikh Farid is a diminutive monument venerates the voyage of the holy man (Baba Farid). (Baba Seikh Farid Shakarganj), well known and is considered to be the best Pakpattan’s Sufi Saint, nearby Multan (Pakistan). During his journey to Delhi and Hansi, Baba Seikh farid had stopped the progress at this point for a few moments. Faridkot is the city known after him. Baba Seikh Farid’s celestial couplets are incorporated in the Sikhs scriptures.

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