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Ram Tirth, Amritsar :

Ram Tirth is located at a distance of around 11 kilometers in the west of Amritsar on Chogawan road, this temple was constructed in the ancient period of Ramayana. It’s a dwelling place for Rishi Balmiki. The place also has a beautiful ancient tank and various temples. There is also a hut inside, where Mata Sita gave birth to their beautiful children Luv and Kush which still exist in Ram Tirth. The place also has the place where there are stairs where Mata Sita used to take a bath. The Bedis from Punjab (Founder of Prophet of Sikhism, Guru Nanak Dev Ji was a Bedi mark that dropped from Kush and the Sodhis (Guru Gibing Singh Ji, the tenth prophet of Sihkhism) from Luv. A fair is celebrated here for around four days since the days from which immemorial occurs here which starts from the full moon night during November.

Durgiana Mandir, Amritsar :

This Mandir is constructed in the 3rd decade from the 20th Century. This temple looks similar to the golden temple rather than any Hindu Temple. It arises from the centre of the tank and is covered with the beautiful canopies and the central dome is constructed in the form of a Sikh Temple. The establishment stone was given amongst one of the best reformers and political readers from the renascent India, the famous Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya. He is amongst the very popular repository from the Hindu scriptures.

Bhagawati Mandir :

Bhagwati Mandir is situated in the Maisar Khanna that lies in Bathinda City. The history of Bhagawati Temple reveals the truth from the 17th Century. The people who belonged to the Maisar Khanna village were the true followers of Jawala Mukhi Temple that is situated in Kangra. Once, there was a holy person known as Kamala Bhagat and Kali Nath both belonging to the same village who were marching ahead towards Bhagwati temple, the idol of Jawala Mukhi emerged in front of them which is at a distance of 2 kilometers from their goal. She blessed the two of them and specially told Bhagat that they don’t need to come and travel so long for praying, even if they will wish here at this place, their wish would be granted. Hence, a religious fair is organized on this place two times in a year.

Shiv Mandir :

This Mandir was established in the Lodhi era. It is believed that the Nawab from Sultanpur Lodhi had suspiciously eyed an Hindu girl who was newly married. During this period even Jalandar was a part of Lodhi region. The girl remained  as an object to fulfill his lust. She was a great devotee of Lord Shiva. She prayed and Lord Shiva’s serpent saved her from the bad deed. After his appearance, the Nawab understood this mistake and started begging in front of the serpent to the girl and on her behest this temple was constructed. The temple has a beautiful architecture. The chief gate is constructed in mosque style where as the remaining temple was erected in the Hindu style.

Sodal Madir, Jalandhar :

Sodal temple is famous for all the wishes, specially wished asked by the children are granted. Number of devotees come and visit this place, assembles are held here especially during September.

Panch Mandir, Kapurthala :

Panch Mandir was erected by the founder of Kapurthala state, known as Fateh Singh Ahluwalia, which even today is a great example for amazing architecture. The most important center dome is enclosed by many temples committed to many deities. A replica of this temple was presented in the pre-partition Punjab Museum situated in Lahore.

Kali Devi Temple, Patiala :

Kali Devi Temple is located opposite to the Baradari Garden of Patiala on the Mall Road. This temple was constructed by the rulers that belong to Patiala State. The temple has been declared as a National Monument because of the marvelous carving, beautiful wall paintings and the icons that are present on the temple.

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