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Punjab Places to see HARIKE

Fast Facts :

Situated : Punjab, India.

Famous For : World’s largest marsh land.

Harike, the largest wetland in the northern part of India is a very important performance position. Harike wetland is also considered as the winter dwelling place of a huge concentration of wandering waterfowl which is found only in the national park of Keoladeo located close to Bharatpur.Many of the world famous but threatened species of birds have been seen here.

Located at a distance of approximately fifty five kms to the south side of Amritsar City, the superficial pool was formed in the year 1953 by building of a bridge at the convergence of River Sutlej and River Beas. Harike lagoon was stated a forty one sq km wildlife haven in the year 1982. Measured as a marshland of global significance, it was incorporated in the record of Ramsar places in the year 1990. The safe haven area was distended in the year 1992 to 86 sq km. From the year (1980 to 1985), the Natural History Society of Mumbai carried out a study and a specialized bird ringing program there. The topic of Harike was one of the important subject of(1994) WWF India meeting.

Mr Prakash Singh Badal, the CM of Punjab State has uncovered a terrific and greeting interest in the wildlife. By forming Wetland Protection Mission of Harike, he wishes to maintain the coming time of this affluent marshland. To commence with, the task has been requested to evaluate all obtainable organization and action strategies and present a comprehensive statement within a month.

Some seven types of turtle and twenty six types of fishes have been traced in the Harike Wetland. The mammalians found at this wetland comprises of common mongoose, Smooth Indian Otter, jungle cat Indian wild boar and, Jackal. The endangered and rare Smooth Indian Otter and Testudine Turtle are marked in the IUCN Red list of Threatened Animals. This wetland attracts huge populations of birds, diving ducks. Harike Wetland is a very important resource of stream for the people of this state. The chief types of fish present here include Hilsa. The income of close by villagers reckons to a few amounts upon the streams resources of fish.

In the midst of phytoplankton, Bacillariophyceae is symbolized by approximately ten types. A wide increase of Phragmites karka and Typha elephantina is pragmatic along the boundaries of the lagoon, in adjacent low lying regions, and also in the upriver area of Mand. Of liberated floating plant life, Azolla,which is nitrogen fastening fern, crop up in scraps of unbolt water. The high grasses and S. bengalenses and Saccharum spontaneum are general along the superior land in the marshland area and slopes and boundaries of nearby dykes and bunds. Tamarix diocia, the only woody plant modified to a water environment seen in the region; rest of all the plants is highlands kind.

The main intimidation to this significant marshland comprise of huge level use of mutually ground and surface waters for farming, growth of concentrated agriculture ensuing in impingements on the marshland, drainage of farming chemical into the muddy water, release of unprocessed waste from constructed township into the stream that nourishes the marshland, and disforestation of the low Shivalik hills, sourcing silting and soil erosion. The Army of India with the help of other agencies in 2000 commenced and accomplished a chief plan to patent water hyacinth, that was about to choke the lake.

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