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For a lot of people, the state of Rajasthan manages to encapsulate the very essence of India. The forts and palaces that rise out of the dusty plains are like fairy-tale sets that speak of the royal splendor of the yesteryears. The colorful attire of the locals stands in stark contrast to the otherwise arid and colorless stretches of desert land. The rich culture, the traditional hospitality and warmth, and the monuments that are replete with a dose of history give you a perfect recipe for this tourist destination that is extremely popular among globetrotters.

The large variety of forts and palaces that have been built over the years by the aristocrats of the region might be the selling point of the region; but Rajasthan has so much more to offer. Right from tracking down tigers in the jungles of Ranthambore to feasting your eyes on the carved marble temples atop Mount Abu, there seems to be something for everyone.

The major destinations of the region include the lake city of Udaipur; the capital city of Jaipur; the desert fort of Jaisalmer (which is the only fort in the world that still remains inhabited by villagers); the blue city of Jodhpur (which boasts of the best preserved fort and the largest palace that has ever been seen in India); the town of Pushkar (which is host to the biggest camel fair in Asia); the region of Shekhawati (which is the open air gallery of India); and the tiny, yet relevant Ghana National Park (which boasts of the largest variety of bird life that can be found across Asia).

Do not miss a trip on the luxury trains that chug along the desert trails and stop at a number of Rajasthan destinations where you can explore the monuments, palaces, forts and temples that adorn the state’s glittering sand.

As they say it in Rajasthan, ‘Padharo mhare des’ (welcome to my land). 



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