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Rajasthan Places to see AERO SPORTS

It's human tendency that they need those things which they are not naturalized with. Simple example for this can be ‘flying’ which human cannot enjoy naturally and keeping this thing in mind the concept of Aero Sports is brought into picture. Simple explanation of aero sport means, a kind of air sport which involves all those adventure activities that are conducted in the air. There are lots of places in this world that are famous for conducting this activity and when the question of places has come then the aspect of Aero sports in Rajasthan needs to be highlighted.

Rajasthan is located in India and a number of aero sports activities are conducted here for the aero sports fanatics. The most important part and also the most invigorating feature that reflects highly in doing these activities is the ‘pain cum pleasure’ experience where the pain of thrill is highlighted and pleasure of seeing all the things smaller is spotted. Number of Aero Sports in Rajasthan is conducted which are gaining increasing importance and among all some of the important are highlighted below.

Ballooning :

This is the most common type of aero sporting where the balloon takes you up in the air. The balloon which does this is not similar to the playing balloon. The Aero balloon is filled with hot air where the cover of the same is made of nylon sheet, this balloon is then fitted with a tough basket in which a person make a stand to enjoy the same on larger yet adventure grounds. This type of ballooning is called as Hot air Ballooning which is gaining increasing demand especially in the Northern part of this state. Highest demand for this sport can be enjoyed in the balloon Festival which is conducted every year.

Places for Aero sports in Rajasthan famous for Ballooning - Beneshwar, Nagaurand so on.
Gliding :

Flying high in air simply means gliding this sports need larger area and also requires deeper sense of adventure in the person. There are lots of types in aero sport – Hang, hand and Para gliding. The hang means hanging high in the air with heavier weight almost for 2 hors. This is the most primitive form of gliding but still it is gaining increasing importance as the adventure level provided by this one is much higher and thrilling than any other.

Places of Rajasthan famous for Gliding – Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Bikaner and so on.

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