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Rajasthan Places to see WATER SPORTS

Is this thing new to you or you have never herd about this earlier? Yes, water sporting at this place is not a new concept, from many years this type of water activities are conducted in this state that too at various different parts of this place. This is a place which is pleasured with number of lakes due to which boating and other water activities that involves higher adventure boosted activities belonging greatly to this category comes in this water sports activity. The water places have becomes too famous among the tourist due to which growth for the same is also enjoyed on larger grounds by this master activity in adventure category. The water places needs to be famous as there are 16 lakes with number of different water sporting activists due to which the tourist person makes a point that they visit this lakes place of the country.


Boating comes in the water sports activity section but covers smaller proportion in this as the rest activities are getting increasing importance in this section. But gliding through the unperturbed water the cool breeze can surely make you fully refreshed and will also provide you a sense of adventure in the same manner. In order to enjoy Water Sports of Rajasthan in greater manner you just need to know about the place and how to perform that particular sport in the manner required. Many types of water activity are conduced in this adventure journey as various people of different behaviors come to enjoy the same but in a different yet satisfying manner.


If you are the one who are mad behind water sports then Rajasthan will prove to be the right place for the same. So let’s brief the places which are famous for different types of water sporting activities.


Siliserh Lake :

Located 10 kms from Alwar may prove to be the best option if you planned to enjoy a thrilling rafting experience. This is a lake which is developed by RTDC (Rajasthan travel Development Corporation) is famous for this sport as all the pleasing facilities for the same are exclusively provided on larger grounds.


Udaipur :

‘The lake city of India’ this is because there are in all five lakes which are located in this city which offers various options for watering activities. Jaisamand lake is situated 50 kms south of Udaipur is one of the best places for water rafting second comes the size of this lake that is 90 sq kms which is the second hand largest man made lake of Asia.


Kota Region :

The Chambal River provides with most adventure boosted rides which are located in Kota region of this state. Water sports of Rajasthan are quite famous at this point and also at this place as the regions and the number of lakes are making a special highlight.


Enjoying all these watering activities at all these place can surely make you enjoy journey of adventure in water. Not only the places and the activities are providing a platform on which the visitors are making a note to visit this place but also the safety aspects and the facilities provided by RTDC are making a pleasing and impact full statement.

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