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Rajasthan Places to see ALWAR

Alwar - A Tete a Tete with the City :

Earlier Known as : Mewar

Location : Northwestern part of India, Central Rajasthan

Founded by :
Kachhawa family from Amber

When to visit :
November to February    

Transport in Alwar : Auto rickshaws, local buses, cycle rickshaws, hired bicycles.

Important places of Interest : Bala Quila, Clock Tower, Siliserh Waterfalls, Nehru Garden, ST.Andrew’s Church.

Religious Importance : Temples of female goddesses called “Devis”, and Indian gods, besides a Shrine of a Muslim saint and a church.

Souvenir : A delicacy called Palang Torh, silk textiles, exquisite jewellery, and handmade Carpets, embroidered shoes and bangles of lac.    

The Tale of the City :

This city is also known as the “The Tiger Gate of Rajasthan”. Earlier known as Mewar, this city was supposed to be founded by the Kacchawa family from Amber. The story has it that this city some 3,500 years back was a fish land during the time of the mythological Indian heroes then. This was then known therefore as a “Matsya Desh”. Matsya in Sanskrit meaning fish and desh meaning land. It was not a desert region then. The local residents of this fish land are said to have helped the mythological Indian Pandavas to fight a battle against their mythological cousins Kauravas. Thus the great Indian epic “Mahabharata” boasts of this city.

Alwar - Down the Ages :

The city of Mewar, which is now Alwar, became important in the eighteenth century. Thakur Pratap Singh was the monarch then. This great leader pushed the Jaipur monarchs to the Southern part and the Jats of Bharatpur city to the Eastern part. He then was successful in restricting the Maratha invasion. Alwar the Tiger gate of Rajasthan became one of the first Indian Rajput States to assort itself with the growing empire of the British era. People who lived in Mewar at this time lived a life of luxury and were endowed with magnificent palaces and a splendid life. IN the eighteenth century from 1815 to 1857 A.D. there was an Indian king by the name of Raja Banai Singh. He was responsible for beautifying the city of Mewar or Alwar. He was a lover of art and architecture. But in the year 1902 A.D there was an efficient king Raja Jai Sing who ruled for more than three decades. He was extremely popular for his extravagant and sophisticated lifestyle.

Relgious Rendezous :

The City of Alwar the Tiger Gate of Rajasthan is a centre for religion of all kinds. There are temples of Indian gods and goddesses. The Karni Mata temple, the Krishna temples, Bhartihari Temple are all religious places of interest. Besides we also have the temples dedicated to Lord Shiva, Lord Hanuman, Bhairav Nath, Someshwar and Gopinath. There is also a shrine for a Muslim saint called Sayeed Ji. The St. Andrew’s Church is also a religious place of attraction.

Travel Kitty :

The attractions for shoppers in Alwar include delicacies and sweetmeats. Alwar is a sweet lover’s paradise. The Alwar Mawa and the Kalakand Market are the visitor’s haven. The taste of the sweet meat lingers in the palate of the tourists long enough to make them yearn to come back yet once again. The aroma of sweets and the exotic way they are prepared are a food lover’s dream come true.

The Milk Cake as it is called or the Palang Torh is a classic example of kindling taste buds to attain maximum contentment.

Saraf Bazaar is a place where jewellery items of semi precious stones and ornaments of exquisite carvings are found.

Besides this, pottery work called Kagzi and handmade items like carpets, statues made out of terracotta and clay, and many other artifacts are a boon for the traveler’s kitty.

Alwar is also famous for its embroidered shoes called jutis or mojaris, and of course not to forget to mention about the amazing collection of bangles made out of lac.

Thus a visit to Alwar the Tiger Gate of Rajasthan is sure to fill your jewellery kit to the brim and ensure that you come back for more!

Alwar - Joie de Vivre in the City :

The Monuments :

Alwar is a place of great historical importance. Thus it is a maze of attractive edifices and monuments. The Bala Quila, City Palace, Fateh Jung ka Gumbaj, Moti Doongri, Vijay Mandir Palace and Vinay Vilas Palace are structures not to miss. The structures are a living example of the glory that the city boasts of.

The Architectural Excellence :

Any architect or any lover of architecture would pride himself for having toasted his eyes to the view of the Moosi Maharani Ki Chattri, Clock Tower, Jai Pol and Tripolia. These are all classic examples of good Indian architectural magnificence.

The Water Cascades :

After tiring the feet with walking across the length of the monuments and palaces, the visitor would certainly find the cool refreshing waters of the Choohar Sidh Falls, Garbhaji Falls an antidote to the aching feet. Besides, water bodies like Jai Samand lake, and Sagar and Siliserh Falls are no less a sight to the tired eyes. This ensures that the traveler is fit and fine mentally and physically. The scenic beauty of the Falls is a sight to behold and only a person with no touristic inclination could even afford to ignore it.

The Green Expanse :

Done with the stones, then the water bodies, and now the tourist is taken to another level when he enters the vast expanse of the Nehru Garden. The Moti Dungari Bagh and the Company Bagh alongwith the Nehru Garden are sources of green beauty which calms the senses and refreshes the mind. It also succeeds in rejuvenating the spirits and helps the visitor to capture beautiful memories in beautiful surroundings.

The Entertainment Factor :

One source of off beat outing that a tourist could have in Alwar is the Sariska National Park. These adventurous and exciting Wild Life Safaris give the tourist the complete experience of traversing deep jungles and exploring the intricate wildlife. The expedition is memorable, daring and bold and helps the tourist to raise his visit to a level beyond description.

Thus the City of Alwar The Tiger Gate of Rajasthan begins with an A which stands for awe and ends with an R which stands for repertoire. The experience in this city is perfect for nature lovers, historians and architects. This is the ideal choice for an adventurous, memorable and exciting holiday. The variety of flora and fauna here add to the natural beauty and the flush green expanse of the lawns and forests here juxtaposed with the serene calm lakes make the oxymoron silent excitement perfect for this city. Thus as we depart from Alwar, the lingering thought could be “And miles to go before we leave this place?”

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