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Rajasthan Places to see BARMER

Barmer – A Tete a Tete With The City :

Specialty :
Cattle fair and Barmer Thar festival in March.

Earlier Known as : Bahada Mer

Location : North western India, in Western Rajasthan

Founded in : 13th century by Bahada Rao

Local Transport : The Rajasthan State Road Transport Station and the Tilak Bus stand connects Barmer to other cities. Rickshaws       are local transport.

When to visit : October to March. March is the best month because of the Barmer festival.

Souvenir : Carved wooden artifacts, carpets, handicrafts, designed pots, embroidered textiles in ajrak prints of red and blue folk motifs.

Important places of Interest : Jain temples, Barmer fort, Siwana fort, Balark temple, Kiradu temple, Nakoda temple, Jogmaya Temple, Neemari Garden, Mahavir park, Excursions to nearby town of Khed and Jasol village.

The Tale of The City  :

The story of Barmer, or Bahadamer has it that in the medieval times, the city witnessed the rise and  fall of many dynasties. IN the 12th century AD, Rao Siah, the founder of the Rathore clan, invaded Khed in the district of Barmer. He hoisted the Rathore flag. Later, Guhil Rajput Pratap Singh got back the region. But Rathore Rao Asthan reclaimed it. It is said that a ruler Tribhuvansi ascended the throne. This led to a fratricidal feud with his cousin Mallinath. Mallinath took the help of the Delhi Sultanate and defeated Tribhuvansi’s army in the 13th century. Then Mallinath brought the entire region of Barmer under him. Barmer was then called Mallani after him. Mallinath has a temple devoted to him. His son Jagmal succeeded and the descendants were called Mahechas.This is the story of Barmer.

Barmer - Down the Ages :

A situation came when Barmer had as much as 18 regions split. This was the condition when the British came to Barmer. This was in the 18th century. It was then ruled by a superintendent. Barmer was brought together with Jodhpur state in the 18th century in August. Barmer and Jodhpur became a part of Rajasthan. when India became independent.

Travel Kitty :

Barmer the vibrant district in Rajasthan, lends a colourful spark to the vast expanse of sand found. This mundane nature and the somber surroundings of the desert, the town of Barmer brings back the jump in everyday life. The people of Barmer are filled with life and a rural ambience. This rustic touch soothes calm tired souls and it is not long before we are walking through the market and find ourself filling the travel kitty. Barmer is very famous for its carved wood work. These artifacts make Barmer world famous. The carpets found here are exquisitely designed and made. Besides this, we also have Barmer showcasing beautiful handicrafts, and equally beautiful pots and vases. The Ajrak prints in dark shades of red and blue are also a Barmer feature. Themud walled houses in Barmer have motifs that are beautifully decorated. The travel kitty thus is not going to go worthless as it is going to get full to the brim.

Barmer - Joie de vivre in the City :

If you want to have best of joie de vivre, then visit Barmer, the miniature Rajasthan. The simple rustic rural ambience and the very essence of Rajasthan culture that is captured in the daily life of the people, makes this place more endearing. The long stretches of sand and the vibrant Barmer are such an oxymoron that it is difficult to find out a reason why we could get disinterested to tour round. Barmer means the hilly fortress of Bar. Thus a person visiting this place will have the following to see :  

Forts :

Barmer Fort :
The Barmer Fort is found on top of a rocky hill and stands testimony to a lot of historical events.

Temples :

Balark Temple : This is a temple that is dedicated to the Sun God or Balark.

Kiradu temple : This is found in the village Hathma in the foot of a hill. This temple has the best of carvings and has great detailed inscriptions of the temple architecture. A 11th century inscription says that t was earlier called Kiratkoop.

Jain Temples : Barmer has the ruins of five ancient temples out of which one is in memory of Lord Vishnu, the other four are dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Someshwar temple :
This is the biggest and the most magnificently constructed of all temples.

Parks :

Mahaveer Park : This is a beautiful park, and has a small museum within. This museum exhibits the statues carved out of stone.

Neemari Park :
This is another beautiful garden which is situated about 23 kms from Barmer.

Khed : This is a historical town with an ancient history. It has a crumbling wall, an image of the mythological eagle Garuda, This district has the Brahma, Bhairav and Mahadev as well as a Jain temple.

Jasol :
This is a village on the outskirts of Barmer. It has a Hindu temple and a Jain temple too.

Meva Nagar : Situated on the slope of a hill, this city has three Jain temples. The biggest out of these three
is dedicated to Nakoda Parsvanath.

The Entertainment Factor :

As we step into the town of Barmer, we realize that all our plans of spending minimum time here are maybe going to get changed. For suddenly, the spirit of Barmer catches on. A camel back ride, watching the rural life unfold, observing the Rajasthan women getting busy with their activities, the sand blowing on our faces and we find that Barmer is actually a hubbub of activity. There is an inherent tendency to break the monotony given by not only the atmosphere but also the lifestyle. The town is mainly known for its fairs and festivals.

The Tilwara Cattle Fair : This Is normally held in the months of March and April, in the Tilwara village on the banks of the river Luni.

The Barmer Thar festival : This is held every year in the month of March. It is held at Khed .

Nagar Meva : This is a fair had by the Jains in celebration of the Jain prophet Parasvanath. This is held in the month of January.

Veeratara Mela : This is another fair held in Barmer. This is held thrice a year and is a tourist’s delight.

As we leave Barmer we think, “ Empty mind ? Go to Barmer and rekindle your mind.”


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