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Rajasthan Places to see NAWALGARH

Nawalgarh - A Tete A Tete With The City

Location : North Western India, Northern Rajasthan

Founded in : In 1737AD by Thakur Nawal Singh Ji Bahadur (Shekhawat)
When to visit : September to March

Local Transport : Jeeps, auto rickshaws.

Souvenir : Tie and dye fabrics

Important places of interest : Aath Haveli complex, Bala Kila , Nawalgarh Fort, Fatehgarh Fort, Lakshminaryan Mandir, Murarka Haveli, British Clock Tower, Roop Niwas palace.

The Tale Of The City

History has it that Nawal Singh Ji Bahadur ( Shekawat ) in 1737 founded this city. This city has a fantastic historical background. Nawal Singh was one of the five sons of Shardul Singh.In the 17th century he proclaimed that a certain part of a village was his and built a fort there. This later on became the Nawalgarh City.  In those days, Jaipur became a prosperous town because of the merchants who arrived there. Most of the merchants like the Goenka family built many havelis and contributed to the progress of the town. The town witnessed a lot of progress with the arrival of the Poddar family who contributed to its growth and development.

Nawalgarh - Down The Ages

Nawalgarh is a place which is known for the wealthy merchants who came to this city and made this place a prosperous one. Nawalgarh has seen the wealth and prosperity growing in the city and it has witnessed the arrival of wealthy merchants. Over the years, Nawalgarh has been the reason for a lot of wealth being circulated in  Rajasthan. Down the ages, has seen Nawalgarh being the host for the influential family Poddars. Today, the Poddars are the resourceful family who have constructed a lot of institutions, and educational set ups all over the country and in Rajasthan.

Travel Kitty

The city of Nawalgarh, a city of heritage buildings, and is a tourist’s delight. The traveler who comes to visit Nawalgarh, is mesmerized by the sheer architecture of the mansions and havelis, and the wealth that has gone into construction of these buildings. The ambience, the atmosphere, and the surroundings are enough to make the person feel that he is a land of exotic taste, culture and lifestyle. This city offers to the visitor the need to be a part of the city and the urge to breathe in the air of elegance and extravagance. The travel kitty would give you an opportunity to fill your taste for tie and dye fabrics which are found in plenty here. This is the main thing that a shopaholic could buy in Nawalgarh, the city of tie and dye.

Nawalgarh - Joie De Vivre In The City

Nawalgarh, the town of heritage monuments, is in the Shekawat region of the Rajasthan state. It is a superb blend of the grandeur and the valor of the Rajputs. The lavishness and the extravagance spent in maintaining the heritage effect is seen here. The mansions here showcase the pomp and the power that the rulers of yore have enjoyed. The travelers coming here bask in the glory of the majestic nature and the magnificence of the city of Nawalgarh. Rightfully, Nawalgarh, the Open Air Gallery gives them ultimate pleasure of travel and ecstasy of touring around. One could see the following things here :

Forts :

Bala Quila : This fort was found in the 17th century in 1737. The charm and the elegance of the fort is still intact and is a sight to cherish for a long time. The fort is decorated with beautiful mirror work and exquisite paintings of old Jaipur and Nawalgarh.It also have a Palace called the Sheesh Mahal. It was earlier used by the Queen for dressing.

Fatehgarh Fort : This is in the Parkota of Nawalgarh. Parkota means outskirts of the city. Earlier it was used as an outpost. It was built by Thakur Nawal Singh and his descendants.

Nawalgarh Fort : This was built in 1737. Today it stands in a little bit of ruined condition yet has retained its grandeur. The fort today has two banks and few government offices. It shows the extravaganza meted out by the wealthy merchants on this city of Nawalgarh.

Mansions :

Nawalgarh, the city of mansions, is a reflection of the Rajasthan lifestyle and the lifestyle of the merchants of the city. The grand architecture and the fantastic embellishments are a treat for the eye and any history lover would love getting enthralled by the sheer magnificence of the structures. The extravaganza meted out by the Shankar Lal Haveli, Geevrajka Haveli, Jhunjhunwala Haveli, Anandi lal Poddar Haveli, Murarka Haveli, Hem Raj Kulwal Haveli, Khedwal Bhawan, Bhaton ki Haveli, Parsurampura Haveli are things to treasure in the chest of memories.

Aath Havelis : This is found to the west of the Bala Quila. This is named after the eight mansions that were built together. They were planned and built. The paintings here are not as good as the other havelis but the painting styles are different. They depict the change in the technique of painting over the past ten years. This is a common site seeing spot in Nawalgarh.

Murarka Haveli :
This is opposite the Aath havelis. It is again a stupendous testimony of Nawalgarh architectural splendor. It has miniature paintings of the Indian God Krishna, his life and legendary episodes on his life.

Palaces :

Roop Niwas Palace : This beautiful mesmerizing palace was built by Thakur Roop Singh Ji , and Rawal Madan Singh Ji. It has a combination of Rajput and European architecture. This magical place creates awe and respect to the architectural excellence of the construction. Today this is a heritage hotel and has well created fountains which add to the beauty and glamour of the place.

Temples :

Ganga Mai temple : The Chhauchharia merchants came to Nawalgarh and built this temple. This is dedicated to Goddess Ganga. It is a sight to the eyes to see the exquisitely carved structure and the stupendously decorated interiors here. The mirror work here is spell binding and the inner sanctum of the temple enthralls a tired eye. This place refreshes tired tourists and they get their effort’s worth. There are a lot of paintings in the upper dome and this is called the mandapa. Worth a visit for all travelers and tourists.

The Entertainment Factor

For all people who are interested to see grandeur and extravaganza this is the place to be, this is the place to feel and this is the place to breathe. Nawalgarh, right from its origin, shows royalty and pomp. It exudes the inner pride of the Rajputs and the external grit of their psyche. Every person coming here can feel the self respect and the attitude emitting out of the basic surrounding here. A walk into the market would give the tourist the best collections to take back home. The place as such is a good place to come and relax and enjoy the fruitful efforts of the wealthy merchants of the past. As we leave the place we think, “All that glitters sometimes can be gold.”

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