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Rajasthan Places to see RANTHAMBORE

Ranthambore - A Tete a Tete with the City :


Earlier Known As : Ranath Bhavar Garh


Location : North Western India, in the eastern part of Rajasthan.


Founded in : 944 by the Chauhan Rajputs.


When to Visit : October to June


Local Transport : Bicycles on hire, auto rickshaws from the station.


Souvenir : T-shirts, postcards, posters, greeting cards, traditional embroidery mirror work , Rajasthan turbans, puppets, handicraft items


Important Places of Interest : Ranthambore Wildlife Sanctuary, Ranthambore fort, Jogi Mahal, Lakes, Ranthambore School of Arts.


The Tale of the City :


Ranthambore is beauty and elegance incarnate. History saw the city being tended and ruled by Govinda, the grandson of Prithviraj Chauhan, in the 13th century AD. After him, the King Vagbhatta ruled this city. The park was extremely popular with the kings, princes and rajahs, as they had their pastime of game shoots here. The Delhi Sultan Iltutmish captured the Ranthambore fort in the 12th century but the Chauhans got it back. After getting in and out of the hands of various invaders, the Rajputs and the Sultans, the fort was finally under Rana Kumbha in the 14th century.


Ranthambore - Down the Age :


After Rana Kumbha, Rana Udai Singh reigned and after his demise, Sultan Bahadur Shah of Gujarat captured this fort again. Finally in the 17th century the fortress came in the hands of the Kachwaha Maharajas of Jaipur. The fort remained thus till Indian independence. The Maharajas of Jaipur enjoyed hunting here. In 1949, the state of Jaipur joined with India, and in 1950 it became a part of Rajasthan. Today Ranthambore is famous for its wildlife sanctuary which got recognized in 1955. Nestled between the ARavalli and the Vindhyas, and lying between Bharatpur and Kota,  the city offers the best for nature, wildlife and photography lovers.


Travel Kitty :


RAnthambore has a history dating beyond eternity. The simple yet elegant surroundings of the city make this city a formidable one and washed by two rivers the city exhibits pride in its existence in the Indian History. The deciduous forests here give the city and the park a unique grassland and  a traveler has to just get the best of everything here as otherwise he would miss it. For the travel kitty, this place has got the best kind of   environment for buying the stuff required for keeping as mementos and souvenirs. T- shirts, postcards, greeting cards all bearing the images of tigers and animals as also birds are a huge hit in this city. Besides there are textiles with decorative embroidery work done on them. The mirror work of Rajasthan is seen in the other materials, Rajashtan headgear called turbans are found here. The traveler could shop to her heart’s content and she could add puppets and other items of handicraft to her ever growing travel kitty. This place is certainly for the shopaholic to feel satiated.


Ranthambore - Joie de Vivre in the City :


Ranthambore the city of Tigers, is a paradise for wildlife lovers. The vast expanse of greenery and the sight of migratory and non migratory birds, the flora and the fauna of the region all make the trip very adventurous and exciting. This is not like a business trip where the things could get done as scheduled. This is a place where you have to unwind, relax, seep the ambience in and make yourself comfortable gradually. The lakes and the forts here are a sight to behold and Ranthambore, the city of wildlife gives the following joie de vivre of being here :


Ranthambore Wildlife Sanctuary : This 400 sq.km park is a sprawling area of green expanse and the background of the ARavalli and the Vindhya ranges gives it the required feel. The park was declared open to the public as a National Park in 1981. However in 1955 it was recognized as a Wild Life Sanctuary. Lot of steps and precautions have been taken to preserve the tigers here. The tourists are attracted to come here therefore to see these very tigers. A must see for photography and wild life lovers.


Ranthambore fort : This stupendously timeless construction has stood the tests of time and has proved its worth. Located on top of a steep high hill, the fort is famous for having three temples devoted to Ganesh, Shiv and Ram. The park has been name after this fort. The top of the fort produces the best panoramic view of the entire city.


Jogi Mahal : The second largest Banyan tree in the country is found here. Located on the banks of the Padam Talao, the palace is a scene of royalty and grandeur. The Padam Talao is the largest lake of The Ranthambore National Park.


Lakes : Waterbodies, greenery and mountains - the perfect setting to making a place look like a dream come true. Picturesque by nature and magnificent by stature, Ranthambore,the sanctuary city has a lot of lakes that dot the entire region. Sometimes, tigers are spotted coming for quenching their thirst in these lakes. Ruins of Raj Bagh, give this place its required feel and the ancient pavilions, domes, arches, steps compliment the rest of the ambience. Wildlife lovers can watch birds here and spot crocodiles. Malik Talao is the smallest lake of the Ranthambore Park. Besides this sloth bears are seen at Lakarda and Anantpura.


The Ranthambore School of Arts : Ranthambore is not only associated with wild life. It is also associated with other areas of interests like the paintings that bring life into thoughts. The Ranthambore School of Arts imbibes in the villagers the art of painting and the area is given its due credit when the school ekes out some of the best Indian paintings. Tiger being the theme, the inherent royalty gives the institution a reason to be proud of. A must see for creative people.


Entertainment Factor :


A Tour to Ranthambore is an experience to remember. Ranthambore, the wildlife exotica is beauty, courage, integrity, grace, serenity all rolled into one. Very few places could exhibit this level of variety and colors. The entertainment here thus begins from the time we step in. Yet the wildlife safaris are a sure attraction for the city and the sheer experience of being in the park is par excellence. Thus as we leave we think “ Ranthambore is the mother of all natural creations.”

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