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Rajasthan Places to see CAMEL FESTIVAL

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Location : Bikaner, Rajasthan


Months of Celebration : January


Period of Celebration : Two days


Category : Culture/Tourism


Upcoming Event : 18th & 19th January, 2011


How to reach there : Buses from Delhi to Bikaner, trains from Delhi, Jodhpur and other places.

Camel Festival is a spectacle of beautifully decorated camels that are adorned magnificently and exclusively. This event is organized by Department of Tourism, Rajasthan. It is marked by festive dances and folk songs that reflect the true spirit of this majestic state.

Highlights of the festival

Camel March : Camel Festival is dedicated to camels which are considered ship of the desert. The rapture of this delightful event is aggravated by the splendid backdrop of lavish forts and palaces. Camels are bedecked with accessories and finest pieces of jewelry. The owners of the camels also get in best of their attires and colorful turbans. As the camels proceed in their royal parade, covering parched sands of Bikaner, one gets totally enthralled. An ecstatic atmosphere is created as the camels, stuffed with anklets and bridles, move in regal manner. Their grace, style and decoration catch the fancy of the tourists.

Camel Races : Major attractions are the camel races that are organized at Camel Festival. Several camels are made to stand in a line and are made to run through the storms of dust as a shot is fired by gun. The winning camels are awarded with honors.

Competitions and Dances : Various competitions like best decorated camel, best hair and best fur cut are the prominent features of this cultural saga. Another enjoyable event that attracts tourists is the camel dance. As these animals sway their bodies to the musical beats, one gets spell bound. Milking competitions are the other attractions of the festival.

Cultural Events : Local people spend the festival with joy and merriment. Breathtaking performances by the renowned artists, traditional swirling dances and folk music make the mood jubilant. The dazzling fireworks are enough to charm anyone.


Camel is considered an animal of extreme importance in Rajasthan. The survival in the parched and sandy areas of their state is almost unimaginable without this ship of desert. The festival is a dedication to this beast of strength and tolerance.

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