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Rajasthan Places to see SUMMER FESTIVAL

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Location : Mount Abu, Rajasthan

Months of Celebration : May, June

Period of Celebration : three days

Category : Culture

Upcoming Event : 15th to 17th May

How to reach there : Buses from all the cities are available. By rail, Abu Road Station. By air, Udaiur Airport

Mt. Abu, a hill station of Rajasthan that is blessed with picturesque hills, enchanting lakes, and serene environment, is a venue for the famous Summer Festival that showcases traditional tribal lifestyle of the state. The festival gives an insight into the art and Culture of Rajasthan Mt. Abu is the coldest place of Rajasthan at this time of calendar.


Main feature of the Summer Festival is the song and dance saga that continues for three days. Beautiful ballads are sung in the praise of brave heroes of Rajasthan. The resonating sounds of joy and merriment attract the tourists. The incredible and beautifully choreographed dances by the folk dancers mesmerize the spectators. Various types of dances are performed at Summer Festival; these include Ghoomar, Daph, and Gair dances. These dances are not only pleasant to watch but also are the mirrors of the folk and tribal life of Rajasthan.

A number of sporting events like boat-racing make the Summer Festival even more enchanting. Breathtaking performances by the famous qawwals at the Sham-e-Qawwali event make this festival even more dazzling. A spectacular display of fireworks on the final day is enough to regale the visitors. Several competitions are held during the day time. Some of these competitions are tug of war, matka race, horse and skating race. The splendid CRPF show is the worth-watching. The Deepdan and Skaters show are also the part of this tribal event.

Religious significance

Mount Abu is a place of saints and legends. It is the living place of saint Vashishth who is considered to be the creator of Agnikula. The place where he performed his yagna is considered sacred. Jains also consider Abu as a blessed place as it was visited by the last Tirthankar of Jains.

Summer Festival celebrates the colorful tribal life of Rajasthan and it is during this event that an atmosphere of fun and frolic is created.

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