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Rajasthan Places to see AMBER FORT

Tips on clicks :

  • The fort holds its foot in Rajasthan, on the Delhi- Jaipur Highway, which spans 11km from Jaipur.

  • Amber Fort was built under the reign of Raja Maan Singh

  • The main attractions that the temple has to give are Shila Devi Temple, Diwan-e-Khaas, Diwan-a-Aam, Suraj Pol, and Jaleb Chowk.

  • The set season to visit this place is from October to March

  • Timings for which the fort is open to be visited are 7 in the morning to 7 in the night.

  • There is an entry toll that every visitor has to pay before he could get to explore the beauty of the fort – it is 100 INR for Indian adults and 150 INR for Foreigner visitors.

  • The fort can be easily reached by taking inter state buses, cabs and private vehicles.

 The Amber Fort, Rajasthan - Welcome!

The city of Amber is at a distance of 11 km from the capital of Rajasthan and holds the pride of cradling the Amber Fort. By the fashion of the fort, the term ‘palace’ seems more appropriate for it. The red sandstone of the fort with white marble furnishings makes it look even more magnificent. Raja Man Singh was the ruler who had initiated the idea of realizing The amber fort of rajasthan. The later completion of the fort was then into the hands of the later Jai Singhs. The enormous fort body is at the top of a hill and is laced around by the Maotha Lake that borders it. There are smaller palaces and shrines beneath the fort structure that can be viewed while climbing the way up to the fort. Along the journey to the fort, excellent, scenic and adventurous jeep rides or elephant safaris can be covered as an exciting part of the tour. The aura of the dignity of Rajasthan can be well felt while an elephant ride.

The Architecture :

The amber fort of rajasthan depicts an architecture that is bestowed with several pinches of Culture and tradition of the Rajput and Islamic styles of building. The view of the fort from its exterior gives a deep sense of robustness and sturdiness, which is in utter contrast with the pleasurable and graceful interiors. Enhancing the beauty of the insides of the fort, there are frescoes, murals, and paintings that portray scenes of the routine life of Rajasthan. The walls of the fort, inside, are adorned with elaborate carvings, mosaic patterns, and delicately fine mirror and glass work. The whole fort body is separated into four segments, each of which is easily reached from the central stairs. The Kachhwaha rulers endeared the fort as a treasure repository of the remark.

What magnetizes you here?

As said before, elephant ride is the most exciting feature one can experience while coming to visit The amber fort of rajasthan. The feelings of happiness and royalty, encountered after having the unparalleled ride on elephant back, are unmatched. One ride per person costs about 400 INR, which is actually worth the fun. Inside the fort, there are numerous images, sculptures, paintings and other emblems of the tradition of Rajasthan. Near the entranceway of the palace, there is a narrow and quite steep stairway that leads one to the oldest shrine of the fort – the Shila Devi Temple. This temple is popular for the silver lion images. A single piece of coral was used to carve a structure of Lord Ganesha, which awe strikes the visitors even today. There are other places like the Diwan-e-khaas, meaning a great hall for the special guests to meet and rest, and the Diwan-e-aam, which means a great hall for the public and the less considered people of the kingdom administration. There is a place called Jaipur Mandir, meaning the Victroy Hall on the terrace of the fort house. The Zenana Mahal, i.e. the hall for the females of the palace, and the Hall of the Mirrors are the 2 most spell binding places of the fort, when talking about the The amber fort of rajasthan.

The Vicinity :

The Amber Fort is located in the city of Amber in Rajasthan, and hence, it is a bit secluded from other forts and palaces of the state, most of which lay their feet in Jaipur and Udaipur. Yet, there are a few astounding places one can visit in the vicinity while around the Amber Fort. The Jaigarh Fort is the most imposing of all things around Amber Fort, and these two are estranged 1km apart. The Jal Mahal, or Palace of the Waters, comes on the way to Amber Fort, boasting its uniqueness of being built in red sandstone. The speciality of this fort is that since built, except the fifth and the last floor, the other four floors from the base remain under water, in the lake. Another tourist attraction near Amber Fort is the Jagatsirmani Temple which is renowned for the beautifully carved image of Lord Krishna with Mirabai. Other architectural surprises of this temple are its North Indian style of design. The smell and feel of rich Indian Culture can itself be experienced while just reading about Rajasthan and its mystics. Isn’t visiting Rajasthan worth giving a try?


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