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Rajasthan Places to see GADSISAR SAGAR TANK

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Location: Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

Century: 12th to 14th

Opening Hours: 8.00 in morning to 9.00 in evening

Entry Fee: Boating fee ranges from Rs.10 to Rs.100

Category: History

How to reach there: Buses and trains are available form all main cities

Gadsisar Sagar Tank, once a vast source of water supply to the parched city of Jaisalmer, was built in the year 1156 AD and was later rebuilt by Gadsi Singh in 14th century. Located near Tilon Ki Gate, this tank has become one of the major tourist attractions of Rajasthan.


Gadsisar Sagar Tank is surrounded by several tombs and sacred temples. The arched gates adorn this magnificent piece of architecture. As the reflection of the tank and the nearby buildings is seen through water of the lakes, the scene appears soothing to the eyes. A splendid gateway that is the most prominent feature here was built by a courtesan who was called by the name Tilon.

History behind gateway

According to a legend, Tilon asked permission for construction of the gateway from the then Maharaja and was even ready to pay for it. But Maharaja didn't agree to her suggestion, considering it be a task much below his dignity. Also, he didn’t like the idea of passing through the gateway whenever he would visit the tank. Despite rejection, Tilon built it in his absence. To avoid its destruction by him, she crowned the gateway with a temple of Lord Krishna.


Gadsisar Sagar Tank is a place of several migratory birds that come to this area in winters. The serene environment is a perfect place for picnic. One can enjoy boat riding in the waters of lake. No other mode of transport is required to visit the site. Plethora of temples and shrines in the vicinity of the tank can be visited in a day.

Nearby attractions

Tourists coming to visit the tank can get opportunity to visit some other attractions.

Royal Havelis that are lavishly decorated and were once the living places of wealthy rulers and traders are an absolute delight to watch.

Jaisalmer Fort is a must-visit site for the enthusiasts of History. This beautiful fort was one of the most inaccessible structures and was fortified by a number of turrets.

Gadsisar Lake which was built and renovated in 12th and 14th centuries respectively is a picnic spot for the tourists.

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