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Rajasthan Places to see LAKE PALACE UDAIPUR

Tips on clicks :

  • Located in Udaipur city of Rajasthan

  • Palace built under the reign on Maharana Udai Singh II

  • The famous attractions are the Heritage Hotel that the palace has now been transformed to.

  • Best season to visit this place - from October to February

  • Visiting hours are not fixed, and the palace is open for 24 hours a day.

  • The entry toll depends on the package that a person or group has booked for – like one night 2 day stay at the palace will charge more than just visiting it for an hour.

  • Transport like buses, cabs local to Udaipur reach to the Lake Palace easily.

The Lake Palace, Udaipur – Welcome!

The magnificence of  the Lake Palace of Udaipur is unbelievable. The scene of the royal and handsome palace standing in the middle of the lake is not less than a frame from the fantasy dream. The Lake Pichola cradles the Lake Palace in its vast shimmering waters. The Palace spans to a wide area of 1.5 hectares. Whole of the palace is built in marble and seems like a gem in the fold of the Jagniwas Island. Maharana Jagat Singh II had built the palace originally in the year 1754. Later, Bhagwat Singh decided to enhance the majesty of the palace and now the Heritage Hotel stands as the pride of Rajasthan. The Lake Palace of Udaipur is the icon of the blend of traditional architecture, modern amenities, and the royal experience - the basic needs of a tourist when he arrives at Rajasthan.

The Architecture :

Not to mention that the grandiose Lake Palace in Udaipur is one of its kind on the planet. I don’t find words to describe the architecture of the palace - yet in simple terms, it is awesome. The ruler under whose supervision the palace was built - Maharana Udai Singh II - had been quite fascinated by the architecture of the Mughal era. Hence, he decided to include this kind of style of building and decorating in his palace too. He tried to convey to the artisans of the palace about his desires of building the palace similar to the Taj Mahal of Agra. Also being summer retreat for all the later rulers if Mewar, the Lake Palace of Udaipur is witness to many Cultural and social activities like royal durbars, dance and art festivals, and so much more. There are columns lining the courtyards, with pillared terraces and gardens bearing fountains - the image of the Palace from the top is amazingly impressive with these dots of beauty. The exteriors and interiors of the palace complement to each other’s beauty and grace, and the Lake Palace of Udaipur, thus, confirms as a magical experience of the tour of Rajasthan.

What magnetizes you here?

There is nothing about the palace that doesn’t astonish ad magnetize a visitor towards itself. Lavish embellishments entice the tourists to the core of their soul. The apartments in the palace like the Bada Mahal, Kuch Mahal, Phool Mahal, Dhola Mahal, Ajjan Niwas are greatly adorned by the tourists. Each room of the palace has been decorated with textile, artistry, handicrafts, and ornaments of traditional Rajasthani Culture. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder - the proverb falls for the Palace since everything here is more beautiful than the eyes can possess.

The Vicinity :

While the Lake Palace of Udaipur is in view, the vision goes blind for everything else. Yet, there exist equally wonderful places in the vicinity of the palace. The Arsi Vilas - meaning the house of mirrors - is an island, smaller compared to Jagniwas, but of utmost importance. This was especially built so that the visitors of the Lake Palace could have a close view of the sunset. Lake Pichola, in whose lap the Lake Palace of Udaipur rests, is an enchanting water body. The waters of the lake reflect the mirror image of the proud palace. While the lake is esteemed high for its apparent beauty, its remoteness is as dangerous, with crocodiles and other dreadful aquatics residing at distance from the palace.

There’s a saying that belongs to the local people of the environments of the Lake Palace - the tourism of Rajasthan is incomplete without visiting Udaipur, and the tourism of Udaipur is incomplete without visiting the Lake Palace.

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