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Rajasthan Places to see MANDORE GARDEN

Mandore Garden is located 9 kms to Jodhpur’s north. Mandore served as Marwar’s capital prior to Jodhpur’s development. The city of Mandore is situated on a plateau that overlooks the majestic Mandore Garden. The gardens are extensive with high terraces made of rock. These features make Mandore Garden a wonderful local attraction. It is also an ideal picnic spot.

The city ruins of the original Marwar capital stand in lush-green and shady gardens. To enter the Mandore Garden you would have to cross Ajit Pole, which is an entrance gate built in commemoration of victory of Ajit Singh over the Mughal rulers in 1707 AD.

The garden is also home to wonderful cenotaphs of rulers of Jodhpur. There is a huge memorial dedicated to Maharaja Ajit Singh. The garden has a spectacular collection of memorials related to cremation sites. The garden is clean, green and hassle free.

The Hall of Heroes, which is graphic in nature, is the hallmark of Mandore Garden. The wall comprised of rocks is central to the garden. Local heroes, including Chamunda and Pabuji, have been depicted through bright paintings. The modern shrine is home to nearly 30 crore deities and gods.

Rajasthan fairs are predominantly mythological. They relate to goddesses and gods. Elaborate celebrations are undertaken to mark the valiant deeds of heroes belonging to medieval times.

Mandore Garden is a perfect venue for hosting the Marwar Festival. This festival commemorates the heroes of the state. Celebrations for this festival begin in Ashwin, which is a Hindu month. Jodhpur sees the bulk of the celebrations. It is, after all, Marwar Province’s former capital.

The garden is available for sightseeing between 8 am and 8 pm. Mandore Garden is home to cenotaphs or dewals of the former rulers of Jodhpur. The cenotaphs are unlike the general chhatri-shaped ones, which are characteristic of Rajasthan. The cenotaphs of Mandore Garden are similar to those found in Hindu temples. They stand at an impressive height of four stories. Each cenotaph is replete with elegant columns and a magnificent spire. All these are composed of red sandstone. Maharaja Ajit Singh’s cenotaph is the most impressive of all. The Maharani’s cenotaphs are situated on a hill’s rocky outcrop.

The Hall of heroes lies in close proximity to the cenotaphs. The hall stands dedicated to numerous, Rajput folk heroes and deities. Their statues are carved wholly out of rock. Bright colors are used for their painting. Mandore Garden is also home to the ‘Shrine of Three Hundred Million Gods’. Numerous Hindu gods and goddesses are depicted here. While you go up hill, you will encounter the ruins of Mandore city, replete with its ancient palace.

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