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Rajasthan Places to see ARTS AND CRAFTS

Rajasthan is a desert prone region of Indian still it is visited by number of Indian as well as by number of foreigners. The main reason for this is the form of serving provided by that place. The servings have many shades in them in which the famous places, food, literature and more of all the Arts and Crafts of Rajasthan are making a focus. You may have some of the information as far as the places, food and literature is concerned as numbers of sources are their which can give you an overall view of the same. The arts reflected and presented in Rajasthani manner are unique in itself and is also the one which increases Indian Heritage of Art in greater manner.


When the question of Arts come the only thing which comes into a persons mind is ‘Katli-putli dance’ means puppet dance. This is the dance which is famous in Rajasthan and which also makes the Rajasthani culture proud on their tradition. There are many forms of this particular art. You may consider that being a dance, how come this activity can be termed to be an ‘Art’; we knew that this question is very sure in some of yours mind. Keeping this thing in mind we have come up with an explanation in which focus on the part of Puppet dance is placed due to which you may get an clarification and also simplification about this art of the desert prone Region of India – Rajasthan.

The very first thing which comes in this section is man made and natural. The concept of puppet dance come in both of these categories in which some are performed in the shed of man made whereas some come in natural shed. The natural formed puppet means the person who is tied with many threads in different parts of the body which involves, hand, leg, head and the ‘belly part’ especially of the female performers. These persons pretend to be a kind of Robert which dances when the thread movements are performed. The dance steps are not common they are different and also can be called as Slow motion dance which sounds very funny but is really very amazing. The thread power is in the hand of the parson who carrying and makes sure that this step is taken in this area and so on. The man made form of puppet means the doll made up of cloths and sponges having the sane kind of functioning areas which is seen in the natural form of puppet dance. Being a form of India’s most famous form of Art, ‘Puppet dance’ is also called as Indian Heritage of Art culture. Also some of other forms of Rajasthani Arts involve ‘Painting in Rajput ideology’ which reflects a sense of class and royalty.


Arts and crafts of Rajasthan
have a similar platform but are too different and unified from each other as far as the aspect of specialties are concerned. Crafts means developing something keeping in mind that the form remains the same but the actual outcome becomes more pleasurable and eye stealing. The main type of crafting activities involves Marble Sculptures, Tattoos, preparation of leather items naming camel leather shoes, wood products, and bone sculptures. In this section various other types are also involved this means carpets designing which are generally made up of leather, silks and so on.

If these things are not pleasing you for Arts and crafts of Rajasthan then let’s take a ride on that platform where 5 most important reasons to prefer the Rajasthani art and craft culture are listed in Brief.

•    Multi shade Dyeing


•    The stone of stealing attention


•    The cloths reflects tradition


•    The touch of magnet


•    The tight lace of shoe the gather some handicraft products

So, may be for this reason you may have planned to visit this desert place in order to get connected to the world of rainbow shades where Arts and Crafts of Rajasthan plays lead role!!!

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