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Rajasthan Places to see COSTUMES

Traditional Dresses: Potia, Dhoti, Banda, Angarakha

Female Attires: Odhani, Choli, Ghaghara

Male Attires: Pagari, Pencha, Sela, Pyjama

The sun-soaked skies and dusty land of Rajasthan is well complimented by its colorful people their magnificent works of art. The colors of Rajasthan are exhibited in the form of stately palaces, majestic forts, sand dunes, Lakes and costumes of Rajasthan.

The brightly colored costumes of Rajasthani people add a dash of life in the barren and colorless landscape that offers a monotonous look to this state. Perhaps it is because of the flat view of the land of Rajasthan, that the people living in this state, prefers bright and bold colors. Wherever you go in Rajasthan, whether it is a tribal belle or a royal family, the preference for bright colored costumes stays unchanged. Costumes of Rajasthani people are mostly based on the colors like dazzling yellow, bright red, brilliant orange, lively green. These vividly colored dresses are adorned with gold and silver thread work.

The dyers residing in Rajasthan and its neighboring state Gujarat are apt in their craftsmanship since the dawn of history. Their unmatched skill is still marked by the colorful and bright costumes worn by the people of Rajasthan. You can study the taste and preferences of the people of Rajasthan by observing their costumes and jewelries closely. This is due to the fact clothes worn by an individual expresses the individual’s personality.

Variety in Rajasthani Costumes

Costumes of Rajasthan not only show different bright colors, but they also have various forms. The traditional costumes that you will see in this state are potia, angrakha, banada, pachewara, bugatari, dhabla and khol. These costumes are mostly worn by people belonging to Hindu community. The Muslim people in Rajasthan are commonly found in dresses like burga, tilak and achkan.  These traditional clothes are changing quite fast nowadays. They are being replaced by modern casual wears.

The head gear of Rajasthani males also shows variety in color and style. The pattern of headgear or Turban keeps changing along with the difference in climatic conditions prevailing in Rajasthan.

All over Rajasthan you will find bandhni and ‘tie-and-dye’, which are the awesome styles of decorating female costumes.

Female dresses:
The dresses worn by Rajasthani women come in a wide variety. The females are mostly found in costumes like odhni, sari, choli, kanchli, kunchuki, lehenga, ghagra. Women belonging to high society are found in  patkas and dupattas.

The footwear used by Rajasthani peoplke mainly constitutes chappals, jutees.  You will also find designed footwear like sandals decorated with golden threads and stars. These sandals are common among the high profile ladies.

Some famous Attire in Rajasthan

Rajput Costumes:
The Rajput kings, who once ruled the land of Rajasthan, used to put on formal dresses that resemble the dresses worn by Mogul sultans. Some of the common Rajput costumes are made out f richly brocaded dress material purchased from Gujarat and Benaras. The royal wardrobe also constitutes embellished Kashmiri shawls and delicate cotton garments from Dhaka and Chaderi.

Royal dresses:
The opulent royal costumes of Rajasthan were manufactured by a special department of weavers. The dyeing of royal costumes was take care by Rangkhana while the printing work was done from Chhapakhana. The department of tailoring or SIwankhana, of Royal costumes comprised apt tailors.

There are plenty more dresses that you will come across in the land of Rajasthan. Take a tour in this wonderfully colored state and get amazed by the view of some of the highly embellished and colorful dresses of India.

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