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Rajasthan Places to see DANCES AND MUSICS

Popular Dances: Ghoomer, Gair, Kucchi Ghodi


Tribal Dances: Walar, Gowri


Singing Communities: Mirasis, Langas, Manganiyars, Kalbelias


Lyrics: Feminine Moods, Folklore, Battles And Heroism Of Rajputs


Instruments: Sarangi, Algoza, Manjira, Thali


Musical Extravaganzas: Desert Festivals, Marwar Festival, Pushkar Fair

The still land of Rajasthan comes to life with the vibrant dance and music of Rajasthan. The short monsoon time of Rajasthan is the perfect season when people celebrate with the rhythmic steps of Rajasthani dance. The soulful and evocative Rajasthani music best complements the vigorous and rustic dance. After the long and tiring work in harsh desert, Rajasthani people come to a euphoric mood through the dance and music of Rajasthan.

An introduction to the dance and music of Rajasthan

You will get to see some of the amazing dances of India in Rajasthan. In The complicated dance named Charukala, a women dances with an elaborate lamp stand on her head. This is a breathtaking experience for viewers as they see how a dancer strikes a balance between her steps and the lamp stand over her head. If you are fortunate to visit any Rajasthani fair or festival, you will blessed with the golden opportunity to see dances like kudakna of meena boys and rasiya songs of Braj.

The rich and diverse music of Rajasthan is a perfect accompaniment for the vibrant dance of his state. The songs sung by Rajasthani women primary tells you about different feminine moods and the strong bond in Rajasthani families. There are several songs that narrate the Rajput battles. These Rajasthani songs are unique in the sense that they carry the history of this state in their lyrics and tunes.

Various forms of Rajasthani Dance

Every visitor is spellbound by the different forms of dancing styles in Rajasthan.

Ghoomar: This is a community dance and is performed specially in certain occasions. This dance is performed by trained female dancer and it derives its name from Ghumna, which means gyrating. This graceful gyrating by a dancer becomes a grand show as the ghagra or the long skirt of the dancer is decorated with beautiful designs and colors.

Kuchhi Ghodi: this dance is particularly performed during the festival of Holi. This dance is mainly performed by male dancers and they use a dummy decorated horse to perform the show.

Gair: This is a group dance where dancers from two distinct concentric circles to perform this dance. During the performance the dancers move diagonally in and out making the entire performance incredibly intricate. In certain occasions sticks and swords are used as props in this performance. This makes the dance show spectacular.

Terahtali: this is one more group dance performed by women. The female dancers perform this dance while being seated. Little brass discs are attached to all the dancer’s hands, elbows, wrists, and waists. As the male accompanist starts his song, the dancers make fine and dexterous movements to create a rhythm with those brass discs. This dance is made more entertaining by putting some additional effects, like balancing a sword in the teeth while dancing or balancing a pot over the dancer’s head.

Various forms of Music

Almost every small and big incident in a Rajasthani family calls for a song. And thus the variety of songs in this state is enormous.

Nihalde and Peepli are two set of melancholy songs, sung to beg for beloved ones to return. You will also hear songs, whose lyrics are actually comparison of numbers with the ornaments worn by Rajasthani women.

Gangur and Teej are the two most famous festivals when songs of marital merry are sung.

Various forms of Musical instruments

The songs of Rajasthan become more melodious once they are accompanied by the mesmerizing tunes of various musical instruments. Some of the famous instrument sare listed below.

Sarangi is a renowned stringed instrument of Rajasthan’s folk music. It comprises 4 major wires, 7 jharis and 17 tarafs. The bowing of this instrument is a difficult task and you will often find ankle bells tied to the bow in order to make the sound prominent.

Algoza is a unique wind instrument that constitutes two flutes. This instrument is very common in the region of Tonk - Ajmer. Both the flutes are played together and this creates a bold and mesmerizing tune.

You can best experience the celebrating mood of Rajasthan when you visit popular fairs. There are festivals like Pushkar and Marwar which are held specially to celebrate music and dance of Rajasthan.

The deserts of Rajasthan come to life with the fine tunes of Rajasthani folk music and the rhythmic native dances. This is a pleasurable view for every visitor coming from other parts of India or world. Take a tour to Rajasthan and celebrate all the days of your trip with the varied dance and music of this state.

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