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Rajasthan Places to see RAJASTHAN MONUMENTS

Rajasthan monuments are one of the major attraction of the Rajasthan. Your trip to any popular Rajasthan monuments would be a lot exciting and amazing trip. Rajasthan monuments comprises of dargahs, temples beautiful mansions and observatories. Architecture of Rajasthan and monuments are the visual treat for you eyes but it makes difference from Rajput to Mughal to European. You will observe that every place of Rajasthan has historical monuments touch which gives beauty  to state. Each monument has different and interesting History and also the architectural tradition which you can find only in monuments. The monuments of Rajasthan have survived a long time and offers a glance of diverse culture and traditions of India. In tourism sector of Rajasthan, monument plays very beneficial role. Through Hub of monuments, Rajasthan shows the romantic mood of kings. After so many years, calamities and many other problem still even today the construction of monuments are spreading their charm in around the world. Rajasthan has a great history of 5000 years and the monuments are somewhere footprints of the royal past of the Rajasthan. You will get to see several historical monuments which are unable you get introduce with old worldly Rajasthani charm.  The style of architecture is different in each Rajasthani monuments. Like in some monuments you will observe the Rajput style and in some other monuments you will get the feel of mixture of Hindu and Mughal style architecture.
The pink city Of Rajasthan is a perfect tourist attractive spot which contain Hawa Mahal and Jantar Mantar; these couple of structures comes in the City Palace complex premises, these monuments are known as heart of Jaipur. When you will move forward, you will get to see the magnificent city Jaisalmer; this city is a real showcase of Havelis. Every of these extraordinary city include of 3 or more storey in courtyard's surrounding area. The major attraction of Jodhpur is Mehrangarh but still the Umaid Bhavan has that much glam that it captures every tourist's notification. Other monuments are like a Lake Palace of Udaipur, it is a huge summer season palace of Royal family and there is also Palace of Padamini, the royal Mewar queen, it is established in the Chittorgarh.

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