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Rajasthan Places to see CITY PALACE UDAIPUR

At a glance


State : Rajasthan, Udaipur


Architectural view : Hanging gardens, miniature paintings, arches, sheesh mahal, museum


Established by : Maharaja Udai Singh


Other attractions : Shores of Lake Pichola


City palace was established by the Maharana Udai Mirza Singh, it was built in the 1559, Sisodia Rajput clan, after when he carried head from the Chittor. This is situated over the bank of eastern side of Pichola Lake and there are many palaces under construction in its compound the previous kingdom Mewar, Udaipur was a historical capital during the Agency of Rajputana & its final capital in the Rajputana agency. The palace of Udaipur was constructed in the style flamboyant and in its style it is considered the largest in Rajasthan. The palace is an amazing mixture of the Mughal and Rajasthani architectural pattern and because it is constructed over the top hill that offers a panoramic look of city. Its surrounding includes many historic monuments like the Jag temple on other island, the Lake Palace in Lake Pichola, the Jagdish temple near to the fortress, the Neemach Mata temple and the cloudburst Palace on the high part of hillock close by. The consequent promotion has been concluded in the appellation of Udaipur as 'Venice of the East'. Udaipur was on the peak city position out of the world cities and also rewarded.


At the time of the Udaipur city, the Palace city was constructed by Maharana Udai Singh in the year 1559. His follower Maharanas were there in the Palace around a time period of coming three hundred years. The Palace is considered as the biggest noble complex in the state Rajasthan & it is abounding with history. Construction of palace complex and founding of the city can't be watched in alones as the kings administered & lived their empire from this monument. As per above affecting their capital beginning Chittor to Udaipur, the Kingdom of Mewar were shined originally in Nagda. Nagda was established in 568AD by Guhil; he was the first Maharana of Mewar. The capital place was again shifted in the Chittor, the Sisodias ruling for eighty years. In 1537 Maharana Udai Singh II hereditary the Mewar Empire at Chittor, but at that period there was realizing that they are losing their managed of the fortress in battle with the Mughal. That’s why Maharana Udai Singh II prefer the place close Lake Pichola for his fresh sovereignty, there was also one reason behind choosing this place that it is very well protected and secured from every the Aravalli hills and lakes. Much earlier noticed of Chittor by monarch Akbar, Udai Singh had decided this site as his latest capital. After making Chittor as capital, soon Maharana Udai Mirza Singh faced breakdown by control of Mughal Emperor Akbar. So he quickly moved towards the city Udaipur at the selected location to make it his new capital. His earlier royal building here was 'Rai Angan' or Imperial Square. It was the starting of City Palace compound, this location where the recluse had suggested Maharana to construct his capital. In 1572, when the Udai Mirza Singh died, after him, Maharana Pratap son handed the initiative of authority at Udaipur.  He got the success in defeating the Akbar at the war of Hadighati in the year of 1576. After this war, Udaipur was having peace for some years. Because of this stable wealth of Udaipur, palaces were constructed on the beach & in the middle of Lake Pichola. The prowling Marathas did attack on the Udaipur in 1736 and at the finish of century the state Mewar was in bad condition and it was suffering. In the 19th century, the English empire came to Mewar, and they had reestablished the state and flourished below British safety, because of the treaty which was indicated with British. In 1947, when the India got the independence, significant parts of Rajasthan and Mewar kingdom emerged to the independent India in the year of 1949. That’s why the kings of the Mewar also missed their extraordinary royal titles & privileges. The Maharanas, which were successful, they took pleasure in the trust of people and too kept their rights of the fortress in Udaipur. When you will visit the City Palace, while admiring the palace, the whole picture of palace's history will get create in front of your eyes.

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