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Rajasthan Places to see DEEG PALACE

At a glance


State: Rajasthan, from Bharatpur 34 km.


Established in: 1722


Established by: Badan Singh


Other attractions: palaces, gardens and fountains and old fortress


This place is located 34km from Bharatpur. It is an historical village of Deeg. You will find the mention of this town into Skanda Purana as 'Dirghapura' or 'Dirgha'. Deeg place is known because of it's popular palaces, fountains and gardens. The old popular fortees of Deeg were contributed significantly in the creation of principality of Jat. It is now in ridiculous condition. In the forlorn fort, its frightening cannons now recline. The newly carved state, Deeg was 1st capital of that; at that time Badan Singh had announced ruler of its in 1722AD. The royal palace was constructed by Badan Singh, in the garden's southern side; which is now known as the old palace or Purana Mahal. Deeg was a prior and beneficial location because the closeness to Agra & Mathura was helpless to frequent attacks through invaders. The prince Surajmal, in 1730AD was informed to have erected the huge fortress with very tall walls, a bottomless moat, bastions and high ramparts around 20 feet wide, on the town's southern portion. After some time Surajmal shifted his Bharatpur capital, but his liking towards Deeg had not decreased. He made adorable Bhawans in the surrounding of garden complex, with the scenery of mountains in the front and huge water bodies within the back.


The whole complex of gardens & palace is a fabulous example of engineering. You won't get the opportunity to see this kind of elegant design and excellence of workmanship in this palace, any where else within India. The palace is from quadrangle, garden is in the centre, a rest space of one thousand forty five hundred by one thousand seven hundred, covered by the fountains & flower beds. On the east and west side there are masonry tanks, and also there is another garden which is on another side of the tank of western, ahead the buildings, developing the courtyard. The structure which is on the north side is called the Nand Bhavan. To the west side building called as Gopal Bhavan and this is largest in whole palaces. On the Gopal Bhawan's either side there are 2 minor buildings, which called as the Bhadon & Sawan Bhawans. These two small buildings and Gopal Bhawan control a sight of the gardens and western tank ahead it. These 3 palaces and single storey on the front side have in accumulation 2 more floors on the bank. The unique thing is one of the storey of these places is wholly or partially submerged with water all through the year.


There are two places on the Northern part of the quadrangle; it is facing on the north side. One of these buildings, Suraj Bhawan is wholly built by marble and it is nicely decorated with stones of several different colors. Another palace is built by grey sandstone, which is called as the Kishan Bhawan. There is reservoir over the covering of this palace, which nourish the mountains to extend on entire the garden. The water in the reservoir is filled by the 2 huge wells. The manufacturing skill or construction skill of this roof to hold such huge water quantity has no equivalent any where. All Bhawans are constructed around the 4 parts of garden. The Bharatpur and rulers Jat of Deeg town were are pulled by the splendor of the courts of Mughal of Delhi & Agra. They were passionate to make their palaces enhanced or at least compatible for them. They carried stone slabs, gates and beams etc items from areas of Mughal and used it in the creation process of the places.  Raja Surajmal brought a well marble rock as war prize from Delhi's Mughal court. In front of Gopal Bhawan the marble throne of black color was installed, it was brought through Maharaja Jawahar Singh, in 1764; they secured it as a memory of his conquest over Delhi.

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