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Rajasthan Places to see EKLINGJI TEMPLE

At a glance :

State : Rajasthan (22 kms in North of Udaipur, on National Highway No.8)

Rule : Photography is not allowed in the temple.

Fee for entry :
Entry is Free

Temple dedicated to : Lord Shiva

Established in : 734 A.D

Reach there : From the city you can reach by bus or taxis.

History of Eklingi Temple :

There is a great history behind the Eklingi temple, according to myth the historical set up of Eklingi temple is really enriching. It was established by one of the contemporaries of Adi Sankaracharya named Acharya Vishwaroopa and it was shared with the Sharada Math at Dwaraka, this was set up by Adi Sankaracharya. This temple is entirely dedicated to Lord Shiva and built to honor the people of Mewar. Because they thought that Lord Shiva was the real ruler of the Mewar kingdom so therefore the members of the stately family of Mewar, they were only acted as a regents to the royal wishes of Lord Shiva and assume them selves to be the leader only in name. Rare people know that the remarkable piece of architecture Eklingi temple was re-established in the 15th century, after it was smashed. This temple is a major crowd puller of the Udaipur city.

Architectural Creation :

The temple was built by Bappa Rawal in 734 A.D. but later it was repaired and modified by kings. The roof of this temple is designed in the style of pyramidal and the towers are creatively carved. Outer walls of the temple are starched in a way that it touches the serene waters. When you will enter inside the complex, you will find a huge pillared hall, sheltered by the massive pyramidal roof. There is silver image of Nandi you will be welcomed by them. There are two more images of Nandi, carved in black stone. The idol Shiva is unique. The idol has four faces; which are made in black marble. The height of idol id around 50 feet; the four faces of idol represent the four forms of Lord Shiva. This temple has created its own different identity by through its unique art like black marble and silver images of Nandi.

Places to see:

Tanks :

In the northern part of the complex there are tanks by the names of Karz Kund and Tulsi Kund. The water of this tank has been used for the services of the Lord.

Shivratri :

Because the whole temple is dedicated to the Lord Shiva; so the festival of Shiva should be Celebrate in huge manner. Like that with full of happiness and devotion devotees celebrate Shivratri.

Near tourist Places :

Lake Palace :

This palace will defiantly surprise you by its every aspect. The entire palace is made of pure marble with fine carved columns, fountains, filigreed screens and also swimming pool.

Sahiliyon Ki Bari :

It is called as "garden of the maids of honor". This place was specially made for the ladies of royal families; to spend good time. It was made in the eighteenth century; there are pool, fountains, lawns, flowerbeds and marble pavilions for roaming and spending time.

Mewar Festival :

This festival represents all colors of Rajasthan Culture through their traditional songs, dances and other activities. This festival celebrates to welcome the coming spring season.


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