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Rajasthan Places to see RAJASTHAN WILDLIFE

The desolate lands of Rajasthan with absolutely no vegetation may be poor but is of great worth to the wildlife as it is rich in animal habitat. Rajasthan is known to have the maximum number of wild life sanctuaries and parks in India. Wild life sanctuaries of Rajasthan are a virtual treat to the eyes as this kind of experiences are unique .Rajasthan is the home to many birds, animals, mammals, and reptiles like the great Indian bustard, desert fox which is quite rare, monitor lizard, porcupine, chinkara, wild boars, gavial, the rare caracal, tigers and birds like buzzards, imperial sand grouse, Siberian cranes, coots, pelicans, coots.

Most of the sanctuaries and national park of Rajasthan have been entitled as the world heritage site.

As Rajasthan was the land to many kings, hunting was the passion amongst them but to conserve the habitats government of India had turned them in to national parks Kaladeo, Sariska, and Ranthambore are the ones turned in to national parks. Desert National Park is known for animals those are endangered species.

The Rajasthan wild life tours allows you have a distinct experience like bird watching, wild life safaris, boating, trekking and jungle safaris .Accommodation facilities are available in sanctuaries and it is always recommended to have this thrilling experience of staying amidst of these wild animals .Some of the must visit sanctuaries and parks are:

  • Desert National Park

  • Van Vihar Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Sariska National Park

  • Bharatpur Wild life Sanctuary

  • Darrah National Park

  • Mt Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Rathambore National Park

Your best friends for this extravagant jungle safari are trekking shoes, your guide, map, water binocular and camera without which your safari is of no use.

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