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Culturally and spiritually high state of India, Uttar Pradesh gains its piousness from the holy waters of Ganga. The city of Varanasi is a hub for Hindu devotees and the banks of the Ganga in Varanasi is lined up with numerous small and big temples that have high degree of historical importance as well as religious significance. The state is often referred as UP and is a popular state for Hindu pilgrims. Various novels and films created to throw light on Hinduism and its effect on the society have used the cities of UP as its major platform.

Being a Hindu belt, Uttar Pradesh’s prime attraction lies in Taj Mahal that attracts numerous tourists across the globe. The enormous dome which is a wondrous creation fetches most attention of tourists in Uttar Pradesh. The monuments built during the Mughal empire also lie within the boundaries of UP and Agra fort is an eminent among them. Built during 1565 by Emperor Akbar, Agra fort is regarded as a forerunner of the Dekhi fort. The forts in UP will surely keep you engaged a whole day as you move from Agra to visit Chunar fort and other forts too. The Chunar fort is exquisitely designed with sandstone by Sher Shah Suri houses exotic features within its interior. Tourists gather at this fort to have a look at the Sun Dial, Sonwa Mandap and a huge well which are still is a well condition. Once you have decided to go for a visit to the forts of the state, don’t forget to include Jhasi fort, where the gallant queen Laxmi Bai used to dwell once. Every fort in Agra will speak of the eventful Indian history as you notice the sculptures in their interiors.

“Pilgrimage earns goodness” – this is still a strong belief among the Hindu people in India. And religious centers in Uttar Pradesh is plenty where devotees gather to offer their oblations. The Char Dham (Badrinath, Kedarnath, Yamunotri and Gangotri) which is located in the Himalayas is visited by devotees most in India. The Place is now within the frontiers of Uttaranchal or Uttarakhand has never dropped from its popularity by a single notch fro time immemorial. Lord Krishna a famous character in Mahabharata and also a deity for Hindus was supposed to reside in the pious land of Uttar Pradesh.  Mathura, Vrindavan are the cities dedicated in the name of Lord Vishnu and while Rishikesh , which is now in Uttaranchal, is yet another city of great religious importance.

Religious harmony can be noticed in Uttar Pradesh as the predominantly Hindu pilgrimage state houses mosques in it as well. Jami Masjid located in Fatehpur Sikri is worth a watch if you have landed in UP for holiday trip. The city of Fatehpur Sikri is a grand creation by Emperor Akbar who made the city with Red Sandstone. Though for certain reason this city couldn’t qualify to become the capital of Mughal dynasty, the failure to achieve a political status cannot overlook the splendor of its architecture.

Don’t miss to explore the confluence of three rivers at in Triveni Sangam at the historical city of Allahabad.

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