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Uttar Pradesh Places to see UTTAR PRADESH CITIES

The state of Uttar Pradesh is garlanded with a number of cities. They are like jewels that adorn the state with their peculiarity and distinctive features. Visit the state and you will be surprised that there is so much to be explored here. The resplendent city of Lucknow has remained a center of excellence and glorious culture. The churches and temples of Allahabad carry immense historical significance. Look here for one of the oldest monuments that are known for their art and architecture. Weather it is High Court or All Saint's Cathedral, you will feel a sense of antiquity about them.

Agra, the city of Taj, is embellished with outstanding Mughal monuments that are the testimonials of the bygone era. The forts of Aligarh dating back to 16th century are no less in popularity. But Uttar Pradesh is not only about ancient buildings or architectural fortresses. There are numerous cities here that make exclusive tourist destinations famous for their picturesque surroundings and breathtaking sceneries. Almora, one of the most beautiful cities of Uttar Pradesh, has a plentiful of natural beauty. The sulphur springs and wild life of Dehradun make it a much sought after destination. Yet another hill station that captures the hearts of tourists is Mussoorie. An excellent way to get respite from the scorching summer, this city boasts of the ever changing colors nature.

The dazzling beauty of Ranikhet cannot be ignored. Resting amidst the enchanting backdrop of Himalayan Mountains and fascinating meadows, Ranikhet is a paradisiacal destination. The snow white glaciers of Gangotri and Yamunotri will enthrall your senses.

If pilgrimage is on your mind, then you need not look elsewhere. There are so many pilgrimage cities of Uttar Pradesh that are popular among the tourist circuits. One of such place is Ayodhya which predominates in several sacred places of worship. Associated with the simultaneous development of multiple religions, this city is highly venerated by pilgrims. The city of Haridwar is revered for the sacred Ganges River; lakhs of pilgrims arrive here every year to pay their homage.

Gaumukh, the mouth of River Ganga, gives the tourists a chance to bath in the ice-cool water of Bhagirathi. Not only this, you can experience the adventure of trekking over foot or ponies. City of Gaumukh is now a part of Uttaranchal. The charm of Chitrakoot, a city associated with Lord Rama, is unbeatable. Resting in tranquility, Chitrakoot is dotted with several temples and ashrams.

How can one forget the majestic Kedarnath whose holy sanctity is not thwarted by any other pilgrimage site of India. A congregation of innumerable Shiva temples, Kedarnath is perched among the lofty Himalayan peaks. The Panch Dharas at Badrinath present an awe-inspiring scene. Considered among the most revered pilgrimage cities of Uttar Pradesh, Badrinath is visited by teeming millions.

Yet another example of scenic splendor is Kausani. The presence of ice-capped peaks like Nanda Devi, Trishul etc. make this celestial place a tourist' delight. The gossamer sunrise here can be one if the most unforgettable experience of you life. The forests of Sitlakhet are rich in fruit orchards and medicinal plants. The bountiful lakes, deep gorges, towering mountains and lush green forests of Uttarkashi make the visit a bonanza for the travelers. Pithoragrah, or Mini Kashmir, as it is usually called is a favorite picnic spot for many. Smack the panoramic view of the valley from Chandak or have a glimpse of the Himalayan mountain ranges.

The other cities that are worth visiting are Sarnath, Varanasi, Mathura, Kalinjar, Kushinagar, Noida. The long association of Sarnath with Lord Buddha is well known. Varanasi or Banaras is an ancient city that is incensed with an aura of mysticism. The glistening waters of Ganges that appear to change colors with the passage of the day offer pleasant vies. Besides this, Varanasi has also remained a hub of learning, knowledge, and art since centuries.

Kushinagar is among those cities of Uttar Pradesh that are reminiscent of the days of Lord Buddha. You can have the unparallel spiritual experience of your life. There is a plethora of temples and museums that can be visited here. The city of Merrut is famous for a number of industries that have boomed here since many decades. In addition, you can have the treat of visiting temples, mosques, and churches here.

The city of Harsil is known as a lovely picnic spot that is adorned with bountiful scenic imageries and mountainous treks. Now a part of Uttaranchal, the pleasant view of waterfalls, lakes, and grassy lands presented by the city is truly enrapturing. The spacious lawns at Dakpathar, decorated with pools and gardens make it a nice recreational center. The religious temples at Barsana present a glimpse into the age old Hindu culture. The invincible fort of Kalinjar is the reminiscent of the glorious dynasties that fought relentlessly to have a stronghold over it. Another city that is famous for its forts is Deogarh. The strategic location of the place made it a bone of contention among the ruling dynasties.

Chamapavat, one of the historical cities of Uttar Pradesh, has many tourist places of interest. There are several temples and forts that adore this city an allow you to have a peep into Hindu believes. Chopta, a picturesque spot of Garhwal is circumvented by fantastic views of Himalayas.  Bageshwar, a pilgrim center, is famous for Uttragayani Fair that allows you to have the holy bath at the confluence of Saryu and Gomti Rivers. The city of Gaurikund became part of Uttaranchal when this new state was created.

The cities of Uttar Pradesh make awesome tourist destinations; it is these cities that have made Uttar Pradesh one of the most sought after tourist destinations.

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