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Uttar Pradesh Places to see ALLAHABAD

Quick Bytes :

Location : Uttar Pradesh

Major attraction : High Court

Area : About 63 square kilometers

Languages : Hindi, Urdu & English

Best Visiting Period : Months between November and January

Earlier known by the name of Prayag, Allahabad is among the largest cities of Uttar Pradesh. The city is famous for its antiquity and association with the colonial rule. The description of their ancient town is given in Vedas. The excavation activities here have led to the discovery of Polished Ware which indicates the existence of this town as a major commercial center in 1110 BC.

Mughal Attachment :

After the annexation of Allahabad by Muhammad Gauri in 12th century, it became an important center of a number of revolts. Akbar, the great Mughal Emperor built one of the biggest forts here. The revolt of Jehangir initiated from this very place.

Architecture :

One of the foremost reasons for you to visit Allahabad is its amazing architecture. You will see a profound influence of both British as well as Mughal styles in the buildings found here. The influence is also visible in the construction styles of gardens and places. Just take the example of a cathedral that goes by the name of All Saints. Designed by William Emerson, this place is among the exquisite examples of Gothic architecture. Have a visit to Muir college and you will an excellent blend of both Gothic and Indian styles. An Old High Court, a 4-storied structure and made up of sandstone, is built in classical style.

Historical Significance :
Allahabad has found description in ancient Vedas as well as in Puranas. It is believed that this sacred place was chosen by Lord Brahma to be the place where the confluence of three holy rivers could take place. It has been the major pilgrimage center since centuries. The place saw the grandeur of many dynasties. Akbar built a massive fort here as he knew about the strategic importance of the place. Even during the days of struggle of India's independence, it played a pivotal role. Apart from this, the cultural and religious significance of the city cannot be ignored. A place of great poets, scholars, artists, musicians, and writers, it influenced India's culture and economy to a great deal.

Attractions :

Khusro Bagh : It is the burial place of Khusro who was one of the sons of the Mughal ruler Jehangir. A tomb of Shah Begum has also been placed here. Visit the place and get to know about the exquisite architecture of the place. The mausoleums are fine peces of Mughal art.

Public Library : Built in 1864, this library was a tribute to Lord Thornhill and Mr. Mayne who were the Commissioner and Collector respectively. Constructed by the architect Roskell Rayne, the library has been built in Gothic style. Here you will find a massive collection of more than 75000 books, manuscripts, journals etc.

Allahabad Museum : Considered as one of the finest galleries of India, the museum is a storehouse of several archeological finds and exhibits of Natural History. It also has huge collection of the pieces f artifacts that were gifted by the then Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru. Here you will see a plethora of objects recovered from archeological sites like seals, terracotta, weapons, and paintings.

Old High Court : This four storey building of sandstone is yet another example of English style of architecture. You will also see Memorial Pillar which is adorned with medallions. The pillar was built to commemorate the proclamation of British crown.

Muir College :
It came into existence with the establishment of Allahabad University and is a perfect example of Indo-Saracenic architectural style. There is a blend of Hindu, Islamic, Egyptian as well as Gothic forms.

Ewing Christian College : This college was established  by Arthur Ewing; it had several departments catering to the needs of students. These included agricultural, Physics, Engineering, Philadelphia, and many others.

High Court :
It came into existence in the year 1911 and has been built in a style so as to avoid the overheating caused in summer season. You will see a dome resting in the center of the structure with the presence of arcaded wings. There is a fine intermingling of West and East design styles.

Mayo Hall :
Standing with a towering height of 180 feet, Mayo Memorial Hall was constructed to hold meetings, discourses and balls. You will see a unique amalgamation of art styles of 19th and 20th centuries here.

Cathedral and Churches : At Allahabad, you will see numerous churches adoring the city skyline. At All Saint's, you will happen to see a large number of mural paintings that have been etched on stained glasses. Intricate works have been done on an altar of marble. Commonly known by the name of "Pathar Girja", this cathedral is a reminiscent of the bygone era. Another Church worth visiting by the tourists is Holy Trinity. It is distinctive as it was the first church to be built at Allahabad. The brilliant masterpiece comprises of tablets belonging to the revolt of 1857.

Anand Bhawan : This mansion was the home of Nehru and Gandhi families; Indira Gandhi donated it to Indian Government in the year 1970. This double storied building was visited by Mahatma Gandhi quiet often. You will be able to have a peep into the lifestyle retained by the Gandhian and Nehruvian families.

Swaraj Bhawan : This historical building was constructed by Motilal Nehru. During the struggle for independence, the place was used to hold meetings of Congress.

Festivals :

Kumbh Mela :
One of the biggest cultural and religious affairs of Northern India, Kumbh Mela is the prime attraction of Allahabad. Held after every three years, the venue of the festivities keeps on changing from Ujjain to Nasik to Haridwar and Prayag. The huge participation by devotees makes the event one of the most popular festivals of India. If you happen to visit the city during the festivities, you will be overwhelmed by the sheer devotion of people.

Accommodation :

You can choose from a range of hotels, luxury houses, and economical lodges her, depending upon your choice and affordability.

Cities Nearby :

As you visit the place, you can also travel to the nearby citirs like Varanasi, Lucknow, Kanpur etc.

Places Around :

Jhusi, a place located art nine kilometers from the destination is known for several ashrams. You can also pay visit to a number of temples here. Kaushambi (62 kilometers), had been the revered Buddhist center in ancient times. The archeological remains of Bhita are also worth visiting.

Allahabad is an important city of Uttar Pradesh and is quiet significant from cultural, historical, and religious point of views.

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