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Uttar Pradesh Places to see GOKUL

Quick Bytes :

Location : Near Mathura, Uttar Pradesh

Major attraction :
Temples, Raman Reti

Languages : Brij, Hindi, English

Best Visiting Period : Through out the year.

Visiting Hours : 7.00 in the morning till 8.30 at night

Lying at a distance of amount 16 kilometers from the city of Mathura, Gokul is a place linked to Lord Krishna and his childhood days. He was brought up at this place by his foster mother called Yashoda. The place is a nice getaway and is famous for the presence of number of sacred places. Held in high esteem by the Hindu devotees, the destination is good option to spend some time in peace.

Religious Importance :

This sanctified place is linked wit the childhood days of Lord Krishna who was raised here furtively. The place is also noticeable for his mischievous activities and amorous acts that performed in his early years. The incident of killing of Putna is well known. This particular event made Gokul a popular place among the devotees. It was at this place only that he met love of his life in form of Radha. He even divulged the secret of his divine powers to his mother here.

Attractions :

The pastoral beauty of the place finds its mention in ancient religious texts. It is popular among the tourists for temples and fairs that are celebrated in memory of Lord Krishna. Recognized as Vallabhachrya's seat, Gokul is holds a special place in the hearts of devotees.

Temples : The sacred sites at Gokul belonging to early 16th century are present here. Among the oldest temples that adore the region include temples constructed as a devotion to the deities like Vithalnath and Gokulnath. Some of the temples are also dedicated to Madan Mohan. A ruler of Jodhpur called Vijay Singh built numerous temples consecrated to Lord Mahadeo. A few of these temples are Mor Wala, Balkrishna, and Dwarkanath.

Festivals :

Janamashtami : The festival meant for celebrating the birth of Lord Krishna is Janamashtami. It is observed in the month of August and involves zealous participation by the devotees. The celebrations set the festive mood and are symbolic of the faith of the followers.

Chaurasi Khamba : Visit this remarkable place of Gokul that is renowned for 84 pillars. It is believed to be the house of Nand, father of Krishna. The house is as old as 3000 years and was constructed by Vishvakarma, an architect.

Mud Temples : At this place, Krishna slayed the demons like Putna and Sakatasura. Built in straw and mud, some of temples are built at the place where the deity killed Trinavarta.

Utkhal : At this place, Krishna, as a child stole the pitcher of butter and was tied around a grinding mortar with a rope by his mother Yashoda. It is located inside a small hut.

Brahmand Ghat : The word "Brahmand" means universe. At this particular place, Krishna is supposed to have shown entire universe in his mouth.

Raman Reti : Here the devotees roll over the sands, a gesture done to seek the blessings of Krishna.

Accommodation :

Avail the facilities of Tourist bungalow at Gokul Gaon.

Cities Nearby :

Mathura is the nearest city (19 kilometers)

Gokul is a perfect getaway for you to spend vacation time and have a glimpse into the immense faith inherent in the heart of millions.

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