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Uttar Pradesh Places to see GOVARDHAN

Quick Bytes :

Location : Near Mathura, Uttar Pradesh

Major Attraction : Govardhan Hill

Languages :
Brij, Hindi,

Best Visiting Period : Through out the year.

Govardhan is small city of Mathura district, lying at 25 km from it. Perching atop a sandstone hill, this pilgrimage center is linked to Lord Krishna who is believed to have held a gigantic mountain on his little finger's tip in order to protect his village from excessive rainfall. The hill at which the city stands is about 8 kilometers in length. This exclusive destination of paramount religious significance for Hindus is a nice place to pay a visit. 

Attractions :

Govardhan Hill : It is the main attraction of the place. In fact, the town is named after this hill only. If the local inhabitants are to be believed, the hill carried a height of about 29 kilometers, 5000 years from now. Lord Krishna held the mountain called Giriraj on his finger to save his villagers from the fury of Indra who sent down torrential rains upon Brij. As a gesture of devotion, the pilgrims walk around or circumambulate around the hill.

Radhakund : This lovely place is symbolic of the divine love that culminated between Krishna and his childhood sweetheart Radha. It was at this place that Krishna used to spend time with her and other gopis. There is an interesting legend related to this place. It is said that after Krishna killed demon Aritsa, he was asked by Radha to purify him by taking a holy dip in all the sacred waters of earth. Agreeing to her demand, Krishna called upon the holy waters from all places at Govardhan and bathed in it. After relieving himself from the impurities, he asked gopis to clean themselves as they too were impure. To do so, Radha along with her female companions, tried to dig a fissure with the broken pieces of their bangles. The waters from Mansi Ganga were brought near the fissure and all of them bathed in this holy water.

Mansi Ganga : This gigantic lake of Govardhan is built as a masonry tank and is surrounded by hills. This structure was built by Bhagwan Das in seventeenth century and was further adorned by Man Singh. A number of steps were built that would lead a person upto the tank.

Cenotaphs : There are two cenotaphs that were erected to honor the rulers of Bharatpur namely Baladev and Randhir Singh. A charming chhatri belonging to Surajmal, the king of Bharatpur can also be seen here. The mural paintings related to the life of Surajmal illustrate his royal darbar. There are scenes related to hunting and wars.

Harideva Temple :
Have a view of the Harideva Temple that is built in sandstone. The structure was constructed in the reign of Mughal Emperor Akbar. 

Weather Here :

There is a wide range of temperature difference in summer and winter season. Don't travel here in the months of April, May or June. Visit here in the festive season like Janamshtami and Diwali.

Local transport in the form of tonga and taxi can be availed here.

Plan Your Trip :

The trip to the destination takes only two days; it will cost you around Rs. 1800-2000. On first day, cover all the water bodies while on the second day the sacred places like temples can be visited.

The pilgrimage place of Govardhan attracts a large number of Hindu devotees.

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