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Uttar Pradesh Places to see JAUNPUR

Quick Bytes :

Location : Near Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

Area : About 11 square kilometers

Population : As per the census of 1991, it is more than 32 lakh

Major Attraction : Mosques

Languages : Hindi, English

Best Visiting Period :
Months Between October and March

Jaunpur is a historical town that is located in the northwest direction of Varanasi. It is a part of Jaunpur district and important center for Islamic studies. As you explore the place, you will come to know more about the architectural heritage of the place. The place speaks for itself and its glorious past made it an important cultural hub. In late 14th century, the place was under the rule of Tughlaq dynasty. Later, it became part of Colonial empire. The medieval period saw it dominated by Sharqui rulers. Under their patronage, it became an important center of art and culture.

Attractions :

Jaunpur attracts a large number of tourists every year who get attracted to the monuments and historical buildings that have dotted the city since centuries.

Atala Masjid : Built in 15th century by Sharqui ruler Ibrahim, the mosque is renowned for its architecture. The most distinctive feature of this monument is that in spite of being built like a mosque; its architecture has a touch of Hinduism in it. Its resemblance to Hindu style of architecture can be attributed to a temple dedicated to Atala Devi that is located near by. The porch of the building has a massive arch. There are three domes that adorn the monument. In addition, presence of several carved pillars and niches will make you reminiscent of the other monuments built by Tughlaq rulers.

Jami Masjid : Another gigantic mosque that is a worth visiting site is Jami Masjid. It os among the largest mosques; built in 15th century, the mosque resembles Atala in many respects. It is built on a raised platform. Just have the look at the lofty dome topping the prayer hall and you will marvel at its elegance.

Lal Drawaja : This mosque was built solely for the Sharqui queen Bibi Raji. As you notice the red color of the entrance, you will come to know about the reason behind its name. The monument will leave an indelible impression on your mind. Visited by numerous tourists from several parts of the world, this mosque well deserves its mention as one of the nicest tourist places.

Khalis Mukhlis Mosque : It was constructed by Khalis and Mukhlis in 15th century.

Yamdagni Ashram : This religious center is visited by a plethora of visitors. Take your repose here and you will not leave the place without being influenced spiritually. The architecture of this monument is just exquisite.

Shitla Choukiya : Jaunpur's another attraction is Shitla Choukiya. This ancient temple is dedicated to the worship of Lord Shiva and his consort Parvati. The image of Devi was installed on a platform called Choukiya. Since Parvati is considered a manifestation of Divine mother Shitla, this temple is aptly called Shitla Choukiya. Travel to this place during Navratri and you will come to see a large crowd of devotes.

Yamdagni Ashram :
Linked with sage Parshuram, this ashram is a fine religious center. In the vicinity, you will see a number of other monuments like Dargah Chisti, Jahangiri Mosque, Shahi Qil etc.

Jaunpur Fort : Commonly called Shahi Quila, this fort was constructed in 1360 by The Tughlaq ruler Firoz Shah. Built in the form of a quadrangle, the entrance is through a main gate located in the eastern direction. The gateway, standing at a height of about 14 meters, this fortification was built for security purposes and during the reign of Akbar, an extra courtyard was added to it.

Shahi Bridge : While visiting Jaunpur, you can also visit this bridge belonging to 16thh century. Built in 1568, this bridge is constructed over Gomati River.

Excursions :

There are a number of other places of interest around Jaunpur that you can visit.

Trilochan Mahadev :
This temple is situated at 40 kilometers from Jaunpur. Devoted to Lord Shiva, this temple can be accessed by bus or trains from Varanasi. It can also be reached from Lucknow which is more than 200 kilometers from the destination.

Varanasi : This historic town is famous for its art, culture and ghats, Varanasi is a center of excellence and knowledge. Don't forget to travel to this place if you are planning a trip to Uttar Pradesh.

Allahabad :
Closely linked with the mutiny of 1857, this town is famous for a number of buildings and structures that impersonate the British architecture that was prevelant at that time. A few buildings worth mentioning are Muir College, High Court, and Mayo Memorial Hall.

Accommodation :

Book any of the lodges, hotels or rest houses at Jaunpur. A list of major accommodations that you can choose from is given below:

  • Manoj Hotel at Chauharsu Chauraha 

  • Amber Hotel at Varanasi

  • Tourist Bungalow at Cantt.

  • Anand Rest House at Station Road.

Shopping :

Jaunpur is famous for radish, tobacco, jasmine oil, perfumes and sweets. Have the experience of shopping at Line Bazaar.

Useful Tidbits :

Post Office is situated near Atala Mosque. For any emergency, contact District Hospital. Dine at Surya and Rupali restaurants.

Cities Nearby :

Varanasi lies at 58 kilometers from Jaunpur.

Clothing :

In summer season, light cottons while in winter, woolens are required.

Jaunpur is a nice place to be explored by a tourist.

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