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Uttar Pradesh Places to see CUISINES

Fast Facts :

Known for : Mughlai Food

Main Dishes : Biryanis and Dum Pukht

Sweets and Snacks : Petha, Mathri, Petha and Jalebi

Regular Food : Simple dal roti, Vegetable curry

Uttar Pradesh is known for its Nawabi cuisines. Praise for centuries for the extravagant rich delicacies as well as the hospitality. The Lucknawi Nawabs never engorges by the praises of their beloved guests. The Lucknow people keep on experimenting with their cuisines to make it more refined and tasty. The popularity of this cuisine is not only restricted till the palaces but the aroma of this authentic cuisines traveled far off and now its one of the best known royal cuisines of the world. The cuisines range from simple daily cuisines to elaborate rich banquets. The cuisines has adapted and absorbed an assortment of them to create a miscellany of marvelous dishes. The visitor from around the corner of the globe visits Uttar Pradesh to relish its regal delicacies. When you visit Uttar Pradesh it’s mandatory that you taste the Awadhi Khana or else it is just like that you visit Agra and have not seen Taj Mahal.

Mughal Cuisine :

When you visit Uttar Pradesh do not forget to taste the enticing Mughlai Cuisine.Mughal Cuisine is famous for its mellowness as most of the dishes are prepared using exotic spices, milk, nuts, cream, dried fruits making it spicy and royally rich meal. The tempting mughlai dishes includes Shami Kebab, Seekh Kebab, Biryani Badshah, Murg Noor Jehani etc.It is said that it was mandatory to have Shami Kebab which is prepared from exotic spices and minced meat in the Mughal era. This was the royal dish that was prepared everyday in the royal kitchen.Mughal cuisine is said to be very addictive as well as spicy but the taste of this fervor will attract you towards it. The cuisines also include some of the simple vegetarian meals of dal, sabzi, roti and rice.kachoris and Puris are savored on major occasions. Potatoes are the main ingredient used. The types of breads with which you can relish the dishes include Sheermals, Roomali Rotis and Kulchas.

Awadhi Cuisine :

The origin of this exotic cuisine is from Awadh (Lucknow).The exceptional feature of cooking includes Dum Pukht that includes the entire food is varnished in huge pots and left to cook in slow flame. This Nawabi Cuisine includes Zamin Doz Machli, which is a very complex dish and you, need patience to make it. The other exotic dishes includes: Gulnaar Kebab, Lazeez Kebab, Nargasi Kebab, Murg Mussalam and Lazeez Lauki.To relish such dish is a grand opportunity.Naushijaan is a famous restaurant where you can taste the popular Galouti and Majlisi Kebabs.

Cuisines can be a fantastic reason that can take you to Uttar Pradesh besides the glorifying Taj Mahal.You just cannot stop yourself from smelling the aromatic Seekh Kebab prepared in the lanes of Lucknow.The Tunday Kay Kebab which is made up of different spices and minced meat is just mouth smacking and will take you to the grandeur of the Mughal kitchen. The delicious exotic royal cuisines coupled with songs, traditional music, and sweet dishes as the toppings gives sweetness for the lifetime. The popular sweets includes jalebis, sweet kachoris, sweetmeats, pethas of Agra, traditional nutmeg rice kheer and sweet mathris are some of the sweets being offered in this royal state. Do not forget to hob on the Banarsi Paan, which is again a world famous.

The Uttar Pradesh Cuisine is one of its kinds in the world and you will have to come down here to relish the Royal Mughal Cuisine and their enduring hospitality.

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